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  • changing roles of designers

    Arts & Culture, Industrial Design

    Change in role of designers has always been a matter of deep concern for all design professionals.Every age has its own winners and losers designers are facing the challenge of constantly changing their roles.The role of a designer in Retail and Real Estate is an example of the same.Both these fields are booming and suddenly everyone is either vying to find a way in or already finding themselves in it. While retail has its philosophy like real estate of making most and any how, designers are left with no choice but to join the gang. They function more like managers or salespeople and not as generators of design.

  • Amex_177_

    No, no, no… I don’t mean get out and vote for either an elephant or a donkey. Get out and vote for the Members Project sponsored by American Express. Make a positive impact in the world. Your ideas. Your decision. American Express’s money.

    Now in its second year, the Members Project is your chance to join a community that’s passionate about making a positive change in the world. Show your support and vote on which projects get $2.5 million in American Express funding. The possibilities are endless. The decision is yours.

    Voting begins 9.9.08

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  • V&A ThinkTanks: The Future Object 12 September 2008

    Arts & Culture, Audio/Visual Design


    Throughout 2008, the V&A has been engaging critically with future-facing design. Called ThinkTanks, we have collaborated with the RCA and RIBA on the respective roles of The Future Designer and The Future Museum.

    On Friday 12 September - just before the London Design Festival kicks off, from 19.30-21.30 we invite everyone to participate in ThinkTanks: The Future Object.

    As design increasingly moves toward the intangible, how should the V&A record and interpret contemporary design? How can the Museum play an active role in presenting new design to the public? We want your input!

    Provocations and interactive sessions by

    Future of Sound Helen Hamlyn Centre/ innovationRCA Helen Storey Foundation Material Beliefs - Goldsmiths

    Debate. Discuss. Disagree. Decide? With no 'right answers' only great ideas, weigh in on the future of museum objects with leading designers and critics.

    Admission is free but book by telephone on +44 (0)20 7942 2211, or online using this link:

    We've also collaborated with communication designers Wood McGrath so come along to receive your free copy of a specially commissioned piece!

  • Guatemala_177_

    Almost two years ago, EWB's ATDT started a project with AIDG down in Guatemala. Our task: to design an affordable (less than $100) wind turbine capable of generating 15W of electricity. Just enough to charge a cell phone, power LED lighting for night use, play a small radio, etc. Not much for us, but a luxury for people around the world without electricity. The design has to be manufacturable within the walls of Xela Teco, a micro-manufacturing facility established by AIDG in Quetzaltenango. Our current solution -- a vertical axis pico-turbine constructed of electrical conduit, canvas, steel tubing, and bicycle gears. With that said, the turbine is not fully optimized and is still in the design phase. But thanks to article's like Alexis Madrigal's in and MakerFaire, we've attracted more volunteers and fresh brain power to keep the project going strong.

    Today was a few hours of testing out at Candlestick Park -- measuring torque, rpm, and..... wind speed. Except that I forgot the anemometer. A finger in the wind test suggested between 10-15mph winds, which is our target average wind speed. Test results still to come.

    AIDG did put together a great videoabout the Wind Turbine with Heather and Tyler were visiting Guatemala in April. More turbine blogging to come...

  • Public Farm Installation at P.S. 1

    Environment, Environmental Design


    If you find yourself in NYC. This is a great installation to see by MoMA/P.S.1 Young Architects winner at P.S.1

    To view more images and info click link below:

  • 28aug08_037_177_

    Yesterday the Hippo Roller arrived in Mountain View after a several week journey from Johannesburg, South Africa. We immediately took her out for a spin at Shoreline Park.

    The Hippo Roller is a 90L barrel-like water transport product. It's manufactured in South Africa and distributed to local communities. Women and children use them to collect water -- their alternative is a jerrycan or 5-gal bucket. Needless to say, the Hippo volume and transportability far outweighs both options. When you have to walk 4km to get your water for the day, I'd also appreciate something that rolls. The Hippo is very Flinstonian in appearance, and is simple to push on grass. Gravel is a completely different story. We struggled to get it up a small-grade hill... and... at one point, completely lost control of the Hippo altogether. Watched it break away from it's handle and roll uncontrollably back down the hill and splash into the water. This, however, was due to subtle misuse on our part.

    So what's it like being a South African woman using this product? I still have no idea... but it certainly made for a fun afternoon.

  • INHOC 2006 . ll part. (c)

    Environment, Industrial Design


    Este "Principio", en el primer cierre a puntos equidistantes del eje y discurriendo por los cuatro planos, reproduce un poliedro de seis caras cuadradas y ocho caras triangular-equilaterales, que son las bases de las pirámides que conforman las aristas de sus vértices al eje: seis pirámides de base cuadrangular y ocho pirámides de base triangular en vértice compartido. ( Seis mitades de octaedro y ocho tetraedros).

    Desde este conjunto de equilibrios, elegiremos dirección de sus fuerzas para diferentes conformaciones en próximos cierres, teniendo presente que cada nuevo vértice se convierte en otro Principio de otra relación esférica que comparte mitades con sus anteriores y sus posteriores. Los componentes internos de esta figuración, esos poliedros que la conforman "Unidad de Principio Esférico", son "piezas" que, en su relación, conforman otras para estructuración y ocupación de espacios, en alternancia de octaedro y tetraedro:

  • INHOC. 2006 . l part. (c)

    Environment, Industrial Design


    El situar "tus" planos a voluntad, sus mutuos a voluntad, hace posible la concepción de "Tablas" y "Mapas" de utilidad para quien se desenvuelve en asuntos de medición, confeccionando "Redes" con la exactitud requerida a su función. Las formaciones métricas (numéricas) resultantes, en plano o dimensionadas, mantendrán los equilibrios que proporciona la repetición de una unidad que lo hace para lograrse de nuevo a sí misma en medida proporcionada y relacionándose con sus otras mismas en otras direcciones. En este ejercicio reproductor de "múltiples", tras su dimensionabilidad a espacio cerrado, en objeto sólido, desnudamos sus intríngulis y averiguamos la relación de fuerzas que, partiendo de su punto-eje y discurriendo por cuatro planos que en el se encuentran, producen su apariencia externa y la apariencia de sus componentes, que serán Múltiples sólidos que , en su recomposición, reproducen figuraciones según pretensión y definitivas o estructurales (elemento partícipe en estructura).

  • Hello to all of you

    Communication, Environmental Design


    I am happy to be a new member of this site and plan to participate in any appropriate way possible. I have had an eclectic work history and want to explore new options in design and human resources and human ecology.

  • Project M - Paying it Forward

    Education, Communication Design


    Last June, I spent 4 weeks in Hale County, Alabama with Project M, an intensive summer program designed to inspire designers to show that their work can have a positive and significant impact on society.

    After going through the M experience, I’ve realized it’s important that talented designers continue to have the opportunity to attend Project M. Proceeds will go directly to helping other designers like myself attend Project M.

    To donate and help me pay it forward, please visit:

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