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  • Twist

    Communication, Communication Design

    Imagine the place where you spend most of you time each day. Where is it? In my room.

    Imagine it as you most want it to be.

    1. What is your vision for change that will make it that way? My room is always dusty because of the roadway near my apartment. I want to use a wearable cleaning device like a slipper for removing dust.

    2. After your #1 thing happens, how will everyone benefit? Everyone will not need to bend their backs to wipe their floors with wet duster; therefore, they won't spend their energy that they can do more worth thing than wiping floor.

    3. Give some examples of what you can do (on your own/with a group) to make your vision a reality. Auto cleaning machine already exists but many people cannot afford the high price machine. Moreover, some of busy people, who don't have a time, need to do exercise with the cleaning gesture because it waists a lot of energy from human body. It should be affordable and used by minimum energy for cleaning.

    Imagine your neighborhood the way you most want it to be.

    1. What is your #1 vision for change that will make your neighborhood that way? More communication will be better understanding.

    2. After your #1 vision happens. How will everyone in your neighborhood benefit? Everyone in my neighborhood will be closer than before, and understand more about each other’s culture. They haven’t known about other genders, races, and countries’ cultures in detail, so my vision will help people understand each other. In addition, lonely peop...

  • Twist

    Communication, Environmental Design

    Imagine the place where you spend most of you time each day. Where is it? in my conputer desk. Imagine it as you most want it to be.

    1. what is your vision for change that will make it that way?


  • MyPOP


    Looking for exhibition opportunities for a fine art campaign which helps to raise awareness for the issues that circle around poverty...

  • Sustainable Transportation

    Environment, Environmental Design


    During my stay in New York last week, I had the pleasure of meeting with Walter Hook of the Institute for Transportation and Development Policy (or ITDP). A 23-year old organization, ITDP consults on mass transit systems and urban development for cities and governments. They focus on providing sustainable transportation systems -- advocating and strengthening bicycle systems, developing low-cost rickshaws, implementing bus rapid transit systems (a significant decrease in cost over subway and other rapid transit systems) and stressing the importance of low-emission, safe development that accounts for population growth.

    ITDP is active worldwide working on several high-profile projects both in the US as well as developing world countries. During my stay in India back in February, I spent a day in Agra visiting the Taj Mahal, which is a hotspot for viewing the evolution of the cycle rickshaw ITDP developed for India. Their prior prototypes are in use throughout the city, addressing the cities need to preserve the Taj Mahal by reducing the amount of air pollution around the city. Their final design cost only $100 -- 300,000 are operating in nine of India's major cities. From their website:

    "In collaboration with local experts, ITDP developed design innovations that made India's traditional cycle rickshaw lighter, more comfortable, and easier to handle. The improved design increased the earning power of cycle rickshaw operators and drew passengers away from highly polluting,...

  • Biography


    I was the coordinator for community art outreach at National Arts Honors Society club in my high school senior year. We did couple art projects that involved student s to participate in the event, the finish works will be shown in public space. Oddly enough that I was assigned as coordinator since I was never an outgoing girl who knows how to talk and deal with people. I joined this club only because everyone else is doing, so it will make our transcript looks good. However, the experience of been able to plan, organize and create art leaded me to design field.

    I am now a senior in product design at Parsons. Coming to design school is a turning point in my life. To me, the difference of doing art and design is the difference between living in your own world comfortably and living in an infinite world desperately. Design is not just a desire profession, but it is a process for a higher self-expectations. The excitement of planning and creating new possibility and the risk of challenging the existence are very important when I am doing design. In order to push myself forward, I choose to work hard to achieve my goal; my toughness is just like the cactus growing in desert.

    I have confidence in my ability when approach to a new challenge. My strength is to show what I am capable of doing through skill and hard working, and cover up my weakness. At same time, my strength also allows me to avoid what I don’t do well. English had been one of my biggest shortcomings tha...

  • Hi, I have posted Linda's TWiST form to my website (I haven't been able to figure out how to post a document on the blog itself, but I am still working on it). Click on the link below, then download the form. Let me know if you have any problems with this. By next week, I will have a better understanding of all of the features of the blog, so I will be in a better position to help all of you get acquainted with the features. steven

    download TWiST

  • JOB NOW!!!

    Arts & Culture, Communication Design

    Do you know personally of any opening in Pasadena or Los Angeles for a Graphic Design position?

    I am looking for a full-time spot and live in South Pasadena.

    Many thanks in advance!

  • reinvent with us!

    Education, Communication Design


    We are looking for talanted Social Design innovators in our build. Please join us!

    “But we must also admit that programs alone can't replace parents; that government can't turn off the television and make a child do her homework; that fathers must take more responsibility for providing the love and guidance their children need." Obama Speech at DNC

    The Gaming Krib's innovative portal software/hardware includes a whole new learning paradigm which begins this fall/winter 08’ for more than 3 million parents, children and educators. For the first time, an internet-based and electronic (hardware based interaction) way to balance a child's learning and social needs, via the cell phone, TV and Internet. The enhanced learning features are customizable, can be adjusted to current and future trends, and the target market is well defined and global. The Gaming Krib has designed innovative software portals for parents, Education (K-12), cell phone users and providers, TV users, the internet user, the game console user and Industry. “The Gaming Krib is a powerful and easy-to-use system and management tool that enables Parents and organizations of all types to work together via the Web and our hardware integration resulting in increased intellectual and social growth for children.

  • Urban Fiber Flotsam/Street Specimens

    Arts & Culture, Environmental Design


    New 'street specimens' for Urban Fiber Flotsam will be archived and uploaded over the next day. By midweek I will begin preparing the twined/spun fiber for this weekend's crafting.

    Photos can be viewed in my flickr/CONFLUX set. Please note: the vegetation that I have harvested/collected was not picked from live plants but found on urban streets, sidewalks, and in perches along my path. I would say that vegetation and trash are fairly equal in distribution - a discovery that I did not anticipate.

  • nano solar material



    Seems like just round the corner a new malleable film like material may give product designer sand artists alike a new material with which craft their wares. This new material in a product could power itself and or if un-mechanical in nature power other devices.

    • Think city based sculptures powering the street lights.
    • Niche fashion design powering your ipod (generic mp3 player)
    • An ipod product design powering... well itself..

    The difference is that the product would not have visually unappealing solar cells, but have visually unseen green powering material as part of its actual make up.

    The world could be cleaner, greener but still visually pleasing.


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