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  • Sedentary Tendency



    Problem: Mental and physical well being declines as a result of sedentary habits.

    Solution: Physical therapy for an Increasingly sedentary lifestyle

    Context: With more technology comes ease of production, however those technologies take form, as objects with weight.A walking commuter needs strength and endurance to carry his/her essentials. If ill maintained the body may fatigue easily, causing muscle pain, headaches, and physical distress.

    Initial Ideas: Teach the mind, core training exercises which improve balance and physical dexterity

    Parallel to mental and physical well being Routine Exercise Discipline Health schema Health Story

    INTERSECTION Sedentary life vs. Utility

    Incorporate play into daily activity

    You don’t have to go to the gym to work out

    Its success is it’s simplicity. It is used as needed.

  • to reuse and to recreate.

    Environment, Industrial Design


  • Bee Dissapearances



    Last summer, I had chance to watch documentary about bee disappearing. This documentary quite stroked me because I didn’t know how much bees have direct impact on human beings. The alarm was first sounded last autumn, but has now hit half of all American states. The West Coast is thought to have lost 60 per cent of its commercial bee population, with 70 per cent missing on the East Coast. Albert Einstein said, “If the bees disappeared, man would have only four years of life left”. Researchers said this is still mystery but they are putting forward the theory that radiation given off by mobile phones and other hi-tech gadgets is a possible answer. As this is not yet stated as solved problem, there are not much of product design directly relates to this topic. However, as this is direct matter between environment and human, people will recognize and know this serious issue. If I work on this problem, I like to work with some NFP groups that working on this issue such as “The Bee Tree”. Still, I need to explore more on this problem, and figure out what kind of product can help this issue.

  • Family portrait



    I think every family has their own issues even if they look happier than mine. As there are increasing households that have both working parents and children who don’t come out of their room, family time and conversation are seriously decreased. Therefore, negative energy, such as disagreement or anger, between each member of family is increased. Especially, when the relationship between both parents is not in a good shape, children suffer from their parents and inhabit anger. I like to help these urban children and family by giving positive energy and managing anger. I think groups like American Association of Anger Management Providers can help to figure out product that can be relate to this issue.

  • Car and Environmental issue

    Environment, Industrial Design


    3. A. Global warming, depletion of energy source B. The increase of car causes oil depletion. Industrial product creating CO2. C. The initial problem for all causes on above is the car. car has been very useful invention by human, however at the same time it creates environmental issues in the world.

    D. Many scientists have announced that the oil in the world will deplete if the current usage of oil goes on for 10 years. Therefore people must find alternative energy to run the transportation. Such as car runs by water or solar power (Solar car in development process, Hybrid car). Another issues is public transportation system is not perfectly in many cities and countries and this make people to prefer riding a car.

    E. People, who owns the car. Car has been essential transportation. Anyone tries to purchase a car. I believe if people find nice and comfortableness about the public transportation it would decrease the number of people, who drive their own cars. F. Public transportation office, People, G. Research specific detail of energy depletion and car usage

    1. Hybrid car and solar car. This summer I visited Los Angeles for family affair, soon as I got off the airport, one thing that came up to my sight was hybrid car. TOYOTA Prius was everywhere. I was surprised by large number of hybrid car. I asked my cousin why there are so many hybrids. He answered the major reason is since Los Angeles is big city; people must need a car to move. Though there is subway, the sys...
  • possible Issues/ areas: dementia

    Community, Environmental Design


    Here is the basic understandings of dementia in new york times website

    Not many products are in the market for dementia but instead, people do lots of activities, eat certain food or play games to get help in ways to prevent it.

    Dementia is what most of people gets when they reach certain age but todays, many of young people are experiencing it too. And when someone in the family gets dementia, sometimes it may creates conflicts by telling same thing over and over.

    Development of a product or a game that specifically designed for healing dementia, it will help not only the one who is experiencing the illness but also the family, anyone around them.
    I'd like to contact people working around people who have dementia, family members and non-profit organziations for dementia.

  • Thesiss_132_

    Attached is Problem #1

    Those most affected by sound restrictions in New York city are Musicians, and the neighbors of those musicians.  Other’s affected are children whom at a young age may not realize the desire to learn an intsrument due to the realistic limitations of sound pollution. Musicians will benefit from this exploration becuase they will have a dedicated space to play, and hone skills confidently where otherwise they were unable to do. I will explore making contacts with; Public storage facilities in New York CityRecording studiosPractice spacesSubway musiciansMusician apartment tenantsbandsNon- profits that deal directly with Musicians living and working habits.A musician needs their own space to play in.  A Space which allows them freedom from sound pressure.Public and private space is of primary concern, Musicians don’t want to feelguilty for practicing because it is too loud.Create a box-within-a-box sound proof room to fit drum set, and drummer. Redesign the Drum set; Drum set as both work and play. Drum set is a bed to sleep in, Drum set is a desk to work at, Drum set is a drum set to play with.Foam DrumsRedesign Interior decorating/Sound isolation: Sound absorbing desk chair, sound absorbing drawers, sound absorbing shelving. The Musician feels guilty for making so much noise, he/she is reluctant to practice at will.Problem 1: Inability to rehearse musical instruments in urban living environment. Context/understan...

  • possible Issue/ area: Autism

    Community, Industrial Design


    Here is the basic understandings of autism in new york times website

    There are several products focused on developmental of motor skills, language & communication, social skills, and emotional regulation.

    Most of the toys are made with plastics because it's cheap and light-weighted and only has one features among fine motor skills, emtional regulation, language & communication, social skills, thinking & reasoning, and planning & sequencing but not really designed for toys for children with autism

    The idea of how use of plastics are not good for the health.

    By having toys for children with autism, it will be helpful to the family whom have a child with autism and the child his/herself.

    autism toys in the market:

  • CAMBOO by Vivian Lam

    Well-being, Industrial Design


    Group: Serdar, Aron, Brett, Janet

    She wanted to improve the quality of life among low-income families in Cambodia. Poverty is a huge problem in Cambodia, 35% of the population is living under the poverty line which affects the health and education of that segment. The solution is a line of products that help Cambodian bamboo artisans increase their sales with a new product line designed by Vivian. Her non-profits included Cambodian NTFP Development Organization, World of Good, Aid to Artisans, and Rainforest Relief. The non-profits are involved in the distribution of goods in the local and global market.

    Her mission was clearly stated: she wanted to take advantage of artisan skills and abundant natural resources to improve the poverty situation in Cambodia by helping to make the product more appealing and assisting the circulation of these products in the right global markets. While her mission is clear we were not convinced this problem is real, and we needed more statistics and visuals to back up her claims. The materials, designs, and technique chosen were not backed up with much evidence. How exactly is this distribution network set up? How will the economics of this work? Essentially she is trying to rebuild the economy of an entire country and this requires a thorough understanding and explanation of such things. What is special about the design, how does it stand out when compared to the original Cambodian products, what is wrong with the existing products, and what...

  • Jgb_picture_kid_with_cane_and_wii_177_

    On Monday, September 22, I will be discussing several topics that will be of interest as you begin to carry out design research that is at the heart of the thesis. I will be showing a few examples from my own work to illustrate some of the methods and techniques for beginning to carry out design research. You may want to take a look at my presentation beforehand. Here's the link to my presentation.

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