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  • Vitamin Green

    Community, Communication Design


    At its most important and fundamental level, Vitamin Green measures the collective and individual distortions of spirit that result from ubiquitous, invisible power structures and environmental stresses on the personal instinct and sensibility. By exposing the urban commuter to a symbolic representation of “nature”, a kind of reverse homeopathy is explored, wherein our social illnesses can be dug up and confronted

  • Bench2_001_177_

    I have never thought of "a chair+ a( duck-legged )chair+ a chair+ a chair+ a chair+ a chair ⇒ a bench". It's a design by Sschemata. This piece totally inspires me for my furniture recycling project, because a very simple concept actually turns into and eco-friendly design. I asked myself why can't we use recycled furniture and turn into some kind of outdoor furniture? Imagine all the green benches replace by these broken chairs. It is a good opportunity to reuse them and produce something useful by reusing them. Damaged parts can be replaced other broken part, it is easy build one if you are willing to spend some time on it / imagination.

  • architecture, peace and sustainability

    Peace, Environmental Design


    BRIEF: If sustainable buildings con be understood as the resourceful result from the use of local materials, local workforce, economical restrictions, climatic particularities and a projected low maintenance, the Public Library of Villanueva in Colombia can be understood as such.

    PROGRAM: the building is a library with complementary cultural spaces, built with local materials, local people and local ancient techniques and inspirations. The sheltered plaza is an undeniable image of reconciliation and social encounter, also in dialog with the past with a bold minimal language.

    LOCATION: villanueva was a violent hotspot of armed confrontations between the local outlaw military organizations, but now, after a political change in the country and more pro-active cultural investments, projects like these are re-occupying this shattered places, bringing again culture and unification.

  • upstill/distill

    Environment, Audio/Visual Design


    upstilling and downstililing

  • how you do anything

    Community, Industrial Design


    is how you do everything.

    Theory. Musical/ and non

    Self story health story

    and while you're away I'll write home everyday... Writing notes about what you will do the next time it sees you.

    The It the Instrument, the ID and the ego...


    Floating boxes.

    Personal sound PODS

    Wrap around earphones

    PODPalm Music generator.


    CigaretteBOX Speaker PODstrument

    Imaginary Audience The FINAL performance series.

    Process Time duration experiments in isolation VIDEO recordings. PLAYSPACE


  • Distill***


    Identify 3 NON Profits

  • Distill**2

    Peace, Communication Design


    Sedentary tendency?

    This explains the success of McDonald's drive-thru...

    The act of playing the drums factoring into a schedule, as exercise.

    What you can do by becoming a professional.

    Walking, walkers, training for the walking Olympics.

    On becoming a drummer

    Selling the case to your parents.

    Drums and Noise vs. a "regular" instrument such as 'sax, piano, cello'

    Drummers guilt. Don't want to offend anyone, with their sound.

    The Macro: Zoom out until the apartment is just a box floating in space, amongst other boxes floating in space.

  • Distill*1

    Communication, Environmental Design


    Summary If then statement

    If more spaces in New York City were sound proof, then more Drummers would practice, and rehearse.

    Self Actualizing the Drummer

  • GoStop

    Community, Communication Design


    I think this game, GoStop, a Korean card game usually played with a version of Japanese flower cards where usually two or three players gather around and get 3 or 7 cards then call a Go or Stop, portrays the intersection. GoStop which continues to play when player calls Go where the amount of points or money, is doubled, tripled, and so on. But when a Stop is called, the game ends and the winner collect their winnings. The game is played by the dealer first, then going counter-clockwise. Each player will try to match a card face up with a card in their hand and then flip over a card on the top of the deck. If the card on top also matches the two cards chosen, then this triplet of cards stays in the middle until the player with the fourth card captures the set. Some cards do not look like they match. As game goes on, when players don’t have any cards to match, they puts down one of their cards, and flips over a card from the deck, then the game is played normally. As game continues, the object of the game is to create combination for points until a group of cards are equally into points, either three or seven to call a Go or Stop. This game is originally for people to enjoy and entertained. But it’s also good for someone has dementia because it deals with matching pictures or drawings which then is a practice of ability of distinguish the color, calculation, communication skills and practice of reasoning where it affects individuals.

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