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  • Street Observation



    Place: 5th Avenue between 12th and 13th street.

    Time of observation: between late morning and early afternoon.

    Physical space: I think it depends on the time of a day how people react to the physical space around them. During my observation time, there were not many people on the street and people who were there gathered in front of windows and door of the building or sat on the stairs. A trashcan was placed at the corner of the street edge and near crossroads. Also, there were several water puddles near edge of street and crossroads.

    Social space/ interactions: Most of students on the street were smoking and chatting with each other in front of the building or on the stairs. As people were scattered around the building, I found it interesting to see how building could divide groups of people into different parts of the building. As there was a group of friends (5-7 people) in front of windows, other groups of people did not come near them, even though there was space for more people around that area, and stood near different parts of building, such as door or stair. Most of pedestrians passed the building without looking at the building or people in front of it, but some did look up the building for a while with curiosity.

    Issues/ Problems: I think the atmosphere of the school building alienates pedestrians in some ways. Those windows and groups of smoking students may give uncomfortable feelings to some of people who are just passing by. Also, a trashcan is placed awkw...

  • 2 west 13 street

    Communication, Communication Design

    1. What did you observe in the physical space? Stairs, front doors, machines to get in and out of the building, a big trash in front of the entrance.
    2. What did you observe in the social space/interactions? Students were coming in and out in several times and stopped to smoke in break time. Everybody was in their own world.
    3. Did you observe any issues/problems in physical and social space? The 2 west 13 street entrance doesn’t have rails for people in wheelchair, and also doesn’t have a trash to maintain clean the space especially for people that smoke.
    4. How can design address those issues/problems? Making a rail for people in wheelchair and other disabilities, and put some trashes in the entrance to make the place more neat and clean.
    5. Storyboard your observations: illustrate the context with plan, axonometric, and/or other technique. Illustrate the details of what happens.

  • Form: I consider form as the creator of myth, the promise of intention. What I design must be formally unique; it should be visually fast, and conceptually digestible.

    Function: What I design will function easily. It will explain itself, and consider alternative situations. It will be durable for the toughest user, travel light, and work hard.

    Ethics: What I design will not change social order. It will not offend the non-user, it will respect limitations in public and private space.

    Ergonomics: It will feel good to touch, to interact with. It will relate to body size, to purpose and scenario.

    Color & Material: Material will be an integral design criterion. What the product is made of will determine its sensuality, manufacturability, cost, and desirability.

    Size & Portability: What I design will assume a space saving mentality it will be purposeful in use and out of use. It won’t require a carrying case, or have a mess of wires, it will be self contained, sculptural, purposeful.

  • Observations



    The Physical Space It was a beautiful and breezy day around 1pm. There is very limited seating space on the north side of W 13th Street. As a result, the bench right outside of a small deli was fully occupied, and a couple of chairs were brought outside to accommodate the workers who were taking a lunch break. On the south side, there is plenty of seating space all along the wide window. However, there were only a couple of students perching there, smoking. This is probably because classes were in session during this time.

    Social Space/Interactions The sidewalks were overwhelmed with people – pedestrians, worker and students on breaks, homeless people, etc. The stairs outside of the Parsons’ main entrance, right in front of the deli, and northwest corner of W 13th Street and 5th Ave seemed to be the three focal points of social interaction. Students were having short conversations at the entrance of Parsons. The workers who were on a break were having lunch together. Most of them were not talking at all. They seemed to be enjoying their quite lunches in the presence of one another. Due to the lack of seating space, many have innovatively used the tiny ledges that protrude from columns to rest their tired feet. While many are spending time outside, in the warm sunlight, perfectly balanced with the breezy air, a couple of students were sitting on the round couches on the other side of the pane of glass. They turned that space into private studies, eating area, and ev...

  • Questions I cant quite answer... yet

    Poverty, Industrial Design


    Lee Winfield

    My Passion: Allow all people access to clean water

    Thesis issue: The lack of clean water in some parts of the world

    What aspect of this issue will your project address: Collection of water through natural resources

    What is your project: unclear at the moment…

    Who will benefit most from your design: some people who currently don’t have access to clean drinking water who could have access to my design. (Realistically, I will gain the most from this design. From the process of making it and dreaming it.)

    How will they benefit: they will have some more clean water available to them by developing an understanding of how to create access for themselves

    Some of their characteristics: Make less that 5 dollars a day (the other 90%)

    Underlying assumption: (too many!!) -Clean drinking water will improve people’s lives and health. -that my intended audience have access to my design

    What’s at stake: PEOPLE ARE DYING and UNHAPPY because they don’t have access to the most natural resource on earth necessary for life

    What non profits do you think you want to work with & their missions: Huge list that never ends.. but this is for now i had a hard time letting the ones that didnt have branches in nyc stay out of this list (hundreds of fascinating orgs around the world)

    1. Oxfam action corps NYC. working to create lasting solutions to poverty, hunger, and injustice worldwide.
    2. Sierra Club. NYC Public interest organization promotes conservation of natural envi...
  • Illuminating City

    Environment, Environmental Design


    Marina Bay, Singapore

    The World's first F1 night race takes place in Singapore on 28th September 2008. Since the race begins at night, lighting is a key factor to ensure safety of drivers. The system requires about 3000 lux to illuminate the circuit up to 4 times brighter than a typical stadium. This has resulted in a pretty interesting urban phenomenon - Illuminating City.

    See more interesting photos and stories from Singapore at urban-o-mania

  • Mapping_3_132_

    basically a second map to the one i posted on A Good Life 6 blog

  • So ive been really thinking. I want to work with bicyclists, rollerbladers, skateboarders (which i mentioned to Tom Ohare, in an email over the summer) Near my apt, by the GWB i always see all these young skateboarders in this little road reserved for Emergency vehicles. I like it. I like their little culture, though im slightly intimidated by em. they're only 10-18 years old if i had to guess their age.

    Bottom line is the most recent observations that ive been noticing were the amount of vandalized bikes on the road. Wheni researched a NFP that Steven recomended, called, they have a huge section just on bike vandalism, how they are never pursued because the cops dont care. the neistat borthers on youtube, show how easy it is to steal bikes in broad daylight. no one stops em. someone even offered to help!!! So thats one issue in transportation that i would like to check out. the other issue is on our pollution, or maybe how unnecesary our lifestyle of cars in a city is ridiculous. Im watchin another clip from the nesistat brothers, on how fats hes gettin through the holland tunnel. and he also has to dodge the cops by going behind a truck. they dont notice him. but then when he gets to the otherside and hes in the clear, he goes to a cop to ask "whens the last PATH train" back into NYC. meaning we have a problem of when PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION STOPS SERVICE for the NIGHT. and then after that when he gets into the PATH train, he has to wait during certa...

  • Code Creations offers more eco-apparel

    Arts & Culture, Fashion Design

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  • Srilanka_132_

    According to a recent newsletter posting for Sustainable Brands Weekly, apparently consumers are. But in these hard times, we must not forget the environment, I'm sure it's just a phase and will soon clear up. Certain consumers in specific regions will continue to support green products, services and incorporating into their lifestyle, for example Portland, Boulder and San Francisco.

    Only time will tell....The Farmer's market in San Francisco continues to be a zoo, and organic food and produce is still prevalent --as so for reusable bags, and low end purchases such as cleaning products. Green services, clothing and high end accessories are for the most part taking a back seat .... at least for the time being.

    Sustainable Brands Weekly

    Are Consumers Rethinking Their Commitment to Green?

    Sept. 17, 2008 - Half of Americans may still be hot for green products, but consumers' willingness to pay more for green alternatives has decreased since last year, according to a new survey.

    Going Green, an annual report examining how much consumers actually care about green issues, indicates that Echo Boomers (ages 16-29) and GenXers (ages 30-43) are more concerned about the environment compared to a year ago. But while interest in green issues continues to grow, consumers' willingness to pay more for green alternatives has decreased, according to the report.

    "There is a looming challenge for marketers of green products and services," says Dr. David Bersoff, the a...

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