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    Fast growing, independent consultancy working across music, entertainment, fashion and media industries seeks highly motivated, outgoing, intelligent young designers able to multi-task with great communication skills

    Excellent location, fantastic opportunities to work on projects across Europe and the rest of the world

    Languages: Hungarian Fluent English (Written and spoken) French and/or German a bonus

    Software: Photoshop Illustrator InDesign Dreamweaver Flash

    Skills: Corporate Identities Illustration Products & Packaging Furniture design Web Technologies (Apache / PHP/MySQL / Javascript ) Animation 3D design (Two or more required)

    Great remuneration package plus bonuses available for the right candidates.

    If you think you have some of the skills required for this exciting opportunity, dont hesitate:

    Contact Simon Lawrence 0630 634 9145

  • A Shifting Emphasis

    Education, Communication Design


    Great feature from Mariana Amatullo has been published on Core77 this month.

    "Let us seize this opportunity to advance design's potential for social impact. Let us seize on the optimism of a new generation of students by providing them with more choices for real-world exposure. Let us envision and embrace this vision of the future by providing a collaborative framework and the right tools and methodologies to put forward-thinking designers in the driver's seat of social change." - Mariana Amatullo, co-founding director of Designmatters.

    (Image: "This is My Home" by Cindy Chen, Graphic Design, a final poster from a transdisciplinary studio, instructors Martha Rich and Esther Watson, Illustration).

  • Make-A-Wish Philippines



    I've commissioned my designer/friend to give a submit a design for this foundation to print. its the first ever pro-bono project we have for YOCard last year.

  • Cancer Awareness



    This bookmark features subtle hints for cancer cells. At the back, it states awareness month schedules for cancer from Sept-Nov. Designed by 27+20

  • Earth Day Bookmark

    Communication, Environmental Design


    this is in collaboration with inksurge who gave us an inspiring design to create awareness about Earth Day.

  • Good to be here.


    This is my first post. I am glad to become a member of the community. Reach out if you get the chance.



  • ah.... future artist...

    Arts & Culture


    LOL this image just made my day.. no no my week. I wish i could go back to having that much emotion in my work.

  • Some of my old friends from Denmark who happen to also live in the U.S. have developed an online voting system for non-Americans permanently living in the U.S. Here’s what they say about it:

    “At least one out of every ten people living in the U.S. today is an alien. That’s approximately 29.1 million people; equal to the entire population of New York and New Jersey combined. They own homes and businesses, pay taxes and go to public schools. While these people play a huge role in the U.S., they can’t voice their opinion in government elections.”

  • Gd391_177_

    Dear Fellow Design21 Network Individuals and Organizations:

    Having taught college-level graphic design students for several years now it has become apparent that our world is being turned over to a group of individuals who are largely naive to prominent issues facing our professions that impact society as a whole. In order to combat this problem and raise awareness to the need for a shift in their apathetic mindset, I have developed a course within our curriculum that exposes our design students to many varied ideas, theories, hypotheses, and idioms. By doing this it is my hope that the design students will become aware of their societal footprint and will begin to sculpt their impact toward the benefit of the consumers that they reach.

    As a component of the class, my students are required to establish a Design21 account and become familiar with some of the organizations affiliated with the network. Since they will be working on real-world collateral projects within the class and exploring topics that are interesting to them personally they may be contacting some of you for research purposes. I appreciate any help you can give them in advance.

    If you would like to learn more about the class or would like to explore our online environment please visit GD391 SOCIAL AWARENESS FOR GRAPHIC DESIGN.

    Again, thank you for your help and support in advance.

  • What a funny WAR in car advertising market

    Communication, Communication Design

    1. Congratulations to Audi for winning South African Car of the Year 2006. From the Winner of World Car of the Year 2006.

    2. Congratulations to BMW for Winning World Car of the Year 2006. From the Winner of Six Consecutive Le Mans 24 Hour Races 2000-2006.

    3. Well done to Audi and BMW for winning the beauty contest. From the winner of the 2006 International Engine of the year.

    4. …. From Bentley

    What a funny advertisements! I would vote for Bentley, the BIG Brother.

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