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  • Mechanized or Strategic Ploy?

    Poverty, Communication Design


    Radicalism in Development: Mechanized or Strategic Ploy?

    (Sept 26, 2008)

    A leading development personality once coined the phrase 'feminization of poverty' with singular impact and incisive insight. We have come a long way, it seems. Does the use of enforced shifts and strains reach a point of resolution or culmination?

    We live in a radically globalized world. Radical in the use of recalcitrant idioms and values though it may appear, the injection of urgency is well thought out. The time is always ripe. More often than naught, the means and methods at hand require fine-tuning.

    In seeking a more direct approach to many of the problems that surface in the Development Agenda and vie for its attention, we have been successful in helping to transmute key concerns through levels and layers of strong reproach. The tide turns every once in a while and, thus, we have before us the essential problem laid bare with very little accoutrement.

  • Discrete Globalism

    Environment, Environmental Design


    Natural Selection?

  • An Enduring Communitarianism

    Arts & Culture, Communication Design


    Festivals of Enlightenment and Creationism

  • Iberotemplates (IT) busca diseñadores freelance creativos y responsables que quieran adherirse a su emprendimiento desarrollando logotipos, iconografías y plantillas en formatos HTML y CSS o Flash.

    Enviar hasta dos bocetos de muestra, de acuerdo al siguiente criterio:

    • Maquetados y listos para su publicación.
    • Las plantillas HTML y CSS deben validar las normas del W3C.
    • Correcta visualización en IE6 y sup., Firefox, Safari y Ópera.
    • Ser autoría del diseñador y no haber sido usadas ni publicadas anteriormente.
    • Incluir fuentes, html, css y fla cuando correspondan + diseños en psd ó png.

    A través de se pondrán en el mercado los diseños aprobados. El diseñador establecerá el precio de su trabajo, sobre el cual IT fijará su precio de venta. Pagos a través de PayPal cada vez que se concreta una venta.


    Envíos de muestras:

    Más info en Octubre Digital

  • Una entrevista llena de expresividad en la cual Gayoso nos habla de su relación con el arte. Juan Carlos Gayoso nació el 7 de agosto de 1952 en Montevideo Uruguay, comanzando su carrera en forma autodidacta a muy temprana edad, radicándose luego en Caracas, Venezuela.

    Juan Carlos Gayoso se ha perfeccionado en diferentes ramas de la plástica, llegando a realizar esculturas en metal, definiendo luego su propio estilo tomando motivos del paisaje venezolano el cual plasma por medio del óleo, acuarela y medios combinados.

    Aquí dejo parte de la entrevista que le realizáramos:

    OD – Hola Juan Carlos, nos gustaría que te presentaras de la forma en que mejor te sientas identificado.

    JCG – Artista Plástico

    OD – ¿Desde cuándo estás radicado en Venezuela y qué te llevó ahí?

    JCG – Desde 1978, atraído por la fuerza de la luz tropical, donde los colores vibran incesantemente, y las sombras van desde los azules hasta los violáceos. A esto se le suma la maravillosa variedad de paisajes, que van desde los Andes, selvas, llanos y un mar que se debate entre una sinfonía de azules hasta llegar a los verdes esmeraldas de una transparencia cristalina. Esta rica variedad de ecenarios naturales, significa una fuente inagotable de expresión, para un Artista Plástico.

    Leer más

  • Geothermal Energy


    Geothermal Energy The word defined is – energy generated by heat stored in the earth, or the collection of absorbed heat derived from underground, in the atmosphere and oceans.

    Geothermal Electricity Hot water or steam from below ground can also be used to make electricity in a geothermal power plant. These areas have so much steam and hot water that it can be used to generate electricity. Holes are drilled into the ground and pipes lowered into the hot water, like a drinking straw in a soda. The hot steam or water comes up through these pipes from below ground. A geothermal power plant is like in a regular power plant except that no fuel is burned to heat water into steam. The steam or hot water in a geothermal power plant is heated by the earth. It goes into a special turbine. The turbine blades spin and the shaft from the turbine is connected to a generator to make electricity. The steam then gets cooled off in a cooling tower. So is like a regular power plant, they just gives the environment a little break.

    Some of the closest places are in California, there are 14 areas where we use geothermal energy to make electricity.There are some areas not used yet because the resource is too small, too isolated or the water temperatures are not hot enough to make electricity.

    The main spots are: the Geysers area north of San Francisco, in the northwest corner of the state near Lassen Volcanic National Park, in the Mammoth Lakes area - the site of a huge ancient volcano. The Co...

  • Falling Whistles

    Arts & Culture, Fashion Design

    Responding to such a story is never easy. We have struggled ourselves. But take a lesson from the Titu boys - share.
    Tell their story.
    The violence continues in Congo, but at this very moment, there are Congolese artists who are pulling former child soldiers into a creative community of rehabilitation. They call themselves YOLE as a rallying cry for peace. They are our partners and our inspiration. Around the world, the sound of a whistle demands STOP. PAY ATTENTION.
    It is the Symbol of Justice. Ask the same of your friends. Be a whistleblower.

    Veritas and The Veritas Project support and are hoping to raise awareness to anyone with ears and a heart to the atrocities that are happening every day in Congo. Please got to read the story of Sean Carasso and his heart wrenching journey. The book is coming soon, but Sean needs your voice, your hope and your breath; to be a whistle blower.

    Ty Clark CEO/Founder Veritas President/Founder The Veritas Project Jacob Combs VP/Founder Veritas Vice President/Founder The Veritas Project

  • Network Communications

    Communication, Communication Design

    Lynden Door manufactures wood flush interor doors for residential and architectural applications.

    My next project will be to design and execute an integrated, multi-level comunications suite to interconnect our company, vendors, distributors and customers. From raw material suppliers around the world (but mainly in Cascadia) through rings that include: >associations, standards, certifiers (like FSC) and regulators >production equipment suppliers >manufacturing operations >HR >purchasing >finance >shipping >order entry & customer service >quality assurance >customer service >R+D >marketing and sales >enterprise distributor >independent distributor >independent manufacturer's agent >dealer >design channel (arch/designer/spec writer/developer/builder) >end users in North America and beyond (but mostly western N. Am.)

    Objectives: commonality, single source, usability, transparency with constraints, collaboration, continuity of culture/brand, sense of unity, access to education and training, change notice dissemination, product knowledge, corporate communications, industry news, social networking

    Phew! I've done tis before, but with a much bigger team than this time around. Any words from the wise? Software tips? Consultants?

  • 3D Basics

    Communication, Communication Design

    If we work with the definition of 3Dimensional Space with the boundaries that define our WORKSPACE or SCENE, then the simplest way to do this is to imagine that we are working inside a large cube. We can imagine that this cube as our world or environment. Objects that exist within the cube one visible, those that fall outside are invisible.

    The main point of reference in this world is called the World Origin. This origin is usually located in the center of this Space. But, it can also be placed or repositioned elsewhere depending on the modeling needs and straights.

    The ORIGIN is a point of reference usually located in the center of the three dimensional space. It can also be located elsewhere in 3D Space. a 3D Space has width, height and depth dimensions each represented by the three axis in the cartesian coordinate system. Rene Descartes-the founder of Cartesian Coordinate System, formalized the idea of using three axes labelled X,Y and Z to represent the dimensions in three dimensional Space. The coordinate system he devised is commonly referred to as the Cartesian or Rectangular coordinate system. Each axis in the system can be divided into many units of measurements. In principle these units of measurements and scales of dimension. On each axis the values to one side of the origin are positive and the values on the other side are negative. Any World or global Coordinate System is usually useful for placing or moving objects in the world or in relation to each other. Wo...

  • What is called "object" in 3D Modeling

    Communication, Communication Design

    During past days of my career, I was conducting a 3-day workshop on 3D modeling basics at Computer Science and Engineering department of an university college at Dhaka. As usual, like my other previous workshops, as a preparatory exercises, I had collected participants' data, and found most of them are at final year of gradutaion. I had taken into account that, I was required to explain basic stuffs in 3D in such way, so that, everybody enjoys the workshop. I wanted to explain from their point of perspective.

    If you are a software developer or a programmer, you must be having your own understanding of the term called OOP (object oriented programming). This is radically a huge concept. I*n fact, software like 3DSMAX, Maya are marvels of object oriented software programming. A 3D designer, who has never done programming before, should still understand at least the single most important aspect of any 3d modeling software's object oriented nature, there is no clear distinction between data and functions.

    In traditional programming theories, data and functions are two different concepts. What is Data? Data is simply 'the information' which is a numeric value (look from programmer's view), a string of text characters, but static. And, what is a function? A function is an action. In fact, function is a procedure. This relevantly acts on data, create new data. Data is passed into a function, which processes the same to produce output data. Ok, here is an example; If we write a func...

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