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  • Mission Statement & Mapping a Matrix

    Communication, Environmental Design


    Mission Statement: Colony Collapse Disorder(CCD) is a recent (since 2006) phenomenon occured in the U.S that worker bees abruptly disappear from their beehive and never come back. This is serious problem because the scale of disappearance is keep growing and spreading to the other continents. As bees are responsible for pollination of approximately one third of the United States'crop species, loss of anymore bees will result tremendous impact on food chain and human's food sources. Therefore, my mission and hope is to enhance awareness of CCD and provide helpful product priorly for bees and for apiculture system.

  • In Class Drawings

    Communication, Environmental Design


    Bee products...except beehive and honey, so unfamiliar. Please, let me know if you know any!

  • Materialism

    Arts & Culture, Environmental Design


    Deferential Resource Impressions

  • Thesis mapping

    Communication, Communication Design


    It is the new map which I put all elements to relate my thesis topic.

  • Constructing a Catchment Area

    Environment, Environmental Design


    The Artisan, the Material and the Eco-Zone

  • Mission statement

    Arts & Culture, Industrial Design


    Ecuadorian artisans have the ability to create beautifull product but they don’t have innovative designs. My mission statement consist in work with a small Ecuadorian community making innovative design with natural resources using their abilities as artisans and start making designs that people can market. I want to make this the beginning of a successful expanding interest in the artisan world starting from our own roots in Ecuador.

    One Interesting video to review:

    Willard's Story: How does Aid to Artisans Make a Difference?

  • Pain without borders

    Aid, Communication Design


    Awareness advertisements ‘Pain Without Borders’ from advertising agency TBWA, Paris that uses a treadmill to effectively show the endless suffering of other people in this world (above shown is Cambodia). For charitable purposes the message delivered by these ads are ‘To put an end to endless pain. Make a donation.’

  • Digital Media


    I am Sean McGill, a freelance graphic designer living and working in Chicago, IL. Please feel free to contact me by email or phone at any time for all of your digital media needs.

  • I know how to sketch! But I don't know how to draw. What I mean by that is I don't know how to draw well, good, great, etc. Is is important that I know how to draw good, great, etc?

  • Design 101 ???

    Arts & Culture


    I was always told to do sketches before you get on illustrator, photoshop, in-design, etc. I thought it was a waste of time. Plus I can't draw all that well. (which I will talk about in the next blog) I was told to do more then 30, more then 50. Sometime even more then 100. Even though I didn't like doing the sketches I would do them and then more I did sketches for the projects I would get the easier it would be to do 5 sketches then 10 sketches and before I knew it I was doing about 20 to 50 sketches for projects that I had. I understand now why I need sketches. So Now.....I'm wiser and I do my sketches before I start anything on the computer.

    I wonder does anybody feel the same way as I do about sketches? Do you love them? Do you hate them? Or you don't care, you just do it?

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