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  • Interiorisation of Urban Space

    Environment, Environmental Design

    Chinatown, Singapore

    This photo was taken from somewhere in Chinatown during a festive season. Talking about Chinese ceremonies you can hardly avoid a ten-course meal and stage performances. With the lack of open space to hold a large number of people, streets are sometimes temporarily converted into Urban Ballrooms.

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  • Increase your awareness

    Communication, Communication Design

    There are many ways to generate traffic and promote your website online, some you have to pay for but here are some free ones. 5 highly effective techniques you can start using to increase website traffic and get an edge.

      1. Write articles, reports and reviews for other websites to publish, there are plenty of Blogs out there, and then put your website address in the by-line. If you can write good articles, something people are genuinely interested in, this will generate traffic.
      1. Start exchanging Links with other websites. This is a very effective strategy to generate targeted traffic to your website. Stay away from dodgy link farms and try to only submit links in reputable websites and directories.
      1. Add a Blog, just like this one, to your site and Ping and the other search engines. Pinging your Blogs to the search engines like Google is the fastest way to get search engine robots to visit your Blog, as well as attracting a number of new visitors to your web site regularly.
      1. Become an active commenter and try to leave your comments, good positive comments, on the Blogs that you visit regularly. Most Blogs should allow you to add a link to your own website. So if your comment stirs the pot a little, your bound to create traffic for your site.
      1. Finally add your website address to your own email signature, most mail clients let you do this. Each time you send an email to someone, you'll be promoting your own website, and generating more traffic.

    At the end of...

  • Get More from your website

    Communication, Communication Design

    Value on the web is not just about prices, it's about giving your customers a reason to come back to your website over and over. With out a stunning website design, your website will be lost among faceless millions.

    There are many different types of websites. Each site can vary in both design style and functionality. The type of any site depends a lot on the nature of your business and the content with in. Your website is like your online business card and should look and function professionally. If your not sure about having a website or your company is not thinking about the Internet as a strategy. You better start now!

    Statistics show that more and more consumers use search engines such as Google and Yahoo, and Internet commerce on a daily basis. Today’s web is ruled by dynamic content. People are becoming more and more demanding and won’t be attracted to a website that sits static with no updates for long periods of time; this is also the same with search engines.

    People are often now expecting more useability and functionality with in websites, and quite often want to know how can I update my website myself? The solution to this is to invest in a Content Management System, or CMS for short. CMS (Content Management System) is a type of application that allows making changes to the web site without knowledge of coding languages. There are many Content Management Systems that are giving everyday business some control over their website content. We choose to utilize t...

  • The Future of Self-Knowledge

    Arts & Culture, Audio/Visual Design

    The main thesis to my work is entitled The Future of Self-Knowledge and looks at the possible future forecasting design opportunities between the methods used in corporate futurology, ancient divination and predictive gene testing. The link to my research blog ( documents a range of future forecasting methodology research that was used as a sketchbook for me to create The FATE INSTITUTE and all of its service offerings.

  • Ganas de escribir de moda y dar a conocer el diseño emergente chileno y latinoamericano, me motivaron a crear mi blog de arte, moda y decoración Quinta Trends ( hace casi dos años. Un espacio que se han transformado en una vitrina para más de 70 de diseñadores de Chile y Latinoamérica.

    Uno de los fuertes de mi blog, además de ser escenario de los eventos de las marcas emergentes, es su contenido periodístico asociado a entrevistas con los mismos diseñadores, lo que permite posicionar marcas y dar a conocer a grandes creadores de nuestro continente desde una mirada en primera persona.

    Hace unos meses cada vez me he abierto más a las propuestas latinas. De esta forma, he publicado entrevistas a importantes diseñadores argentinos, mexicanos, colombianas y peruanos. Porque no cabe duda que Latinoamérica la lleva. Con paso lento, pero seguro, se hace escuchar con propuestas intensas y novedosas, que traspasan su identidad cultural y muestran su esencia latina, vibrante y radiante. Este amor por mis raíces y la atracción inevitable por este movimiento que revoluciona la moda, me ha llevado a realizar un giro editorial en los contenidos del blog y a comenzar a investigar sobre sus nuevas promesas o "viejos" consortes. Mi idea es ir ampliándome a otras latitudes, no sólo con la idea de llegar a más público, sino también, porque creo que podemos aprender mucho de la experiencia de nuestros vecinos (cercanos y lejanos)”....

  • Interlinkages

    Community, Environmental Design

    Collaboration for sparks, spears and surroundings

  • If there is a part in the area, or community you live in that is clean, chances are that it discourages or make people think even more if they want to litter. Have you noticed that some people have this same experience at work if the area is clean the customers won’t even touch it that much. So then I mess the area up, I come back in 20 minutes it looks like world war 3 just broke out.

    I have when to other stores that is connected to mine and asked the store manager if I could try my little experiment there. They said that it would be o.k. I had did the same thing a again but in a different community. Some actually cleaned you what they did one individual actually came to the front of the store and alerted one of the sales floor people. Which I thought was interesting.

    I had when to one more store tried my experiment one more time, and while I’m doing this I have no name badge for this one. A customer had dropped her drink and she stared and the associate I was standing next to. Then she said, “You are the one that will have to pick it up.” she put down what ever she was buying and walked out the store. And all I could say is, “wow?”

    So do you get my story. People tend to litter because they feel no sense of personal ownership. If it was their area or own personal space they would be jumping down your throat, or if they were at somebody's house they would respect it I would guess.

    So Think about it.

  • look at this

    Peace, Communication Design

    got you....

    ok more things are coming, just let me get married first!

  • A Sustainable Policy Umbrella

    Community, Environmental Design

    Urbanism, Space and Time

  • I'm a student at the Art Institute of Atlanta. My major is Graphic Design. I had a student come up and asked if he can see some of my work because he is looking for someone (a graphic designer) to do two logos for him. I said sure. About a week later I sent him some of my work. He email be back saying what he need for the logos. Later he called and asked about his logos. Now, Many people (Graphic Designers) told me never do work for free, unless for charity. So I asked him what his budget was on the logos. He said that he needed me to do samples of the logos before anything was set. I said that I can't do that. I explained to him that I can't do the work because if you don't like it, I wasted my time. That's why I sent you samples of my work. Long story short....He basically told me that I was scared and I didn't even like my on work. He said it was the way of the business and he need the samples first. Then he was going to let me know the changes and then pay me. I haven't talked to him since....but I just wanted to know what do I do in a situation like that?

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