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  • I will act always as a designer!

    Communication, Communication Design

    It is my daily nightmare. No, it is not a true nightmare, let us say, a visitor. It is not only a night visitor; it is a visitor of every time. I am a designer, and as a designer cares for everything, I frequently find myself thinking like a designer. I ask questions that a designer asks. I attempt to find functional design solutions to a design problem I have uncovered while being a designer. I think of design brief, design proposal and design principles to guide me through the process. I rely on design thinking.

    This is does not concern how much experience I have, no matter who am I, a great designer or not, it is normal to find something missing when I forget myself as a designer, or I do not consider my self as one of the audience, a user, a consumer or an audience. If I do not act as so, I will not be able to solve a problem.

    All design solutions are considered as conjecture. Ok, that is fine, but this requires me using design thinking and principles; and how good to solve problems, and simply be not only a designer. How important for me to know whether the design works in a positive sense or not. Am I able to answer the question. I think that the answer can be achieved best by incorporate user feedback in the design process, by allowing myself playing a double role, a designer and a consumer, or one of the audience.

    It is simply to act on behalf of others by allowing myself to get into their world, better than inquiring what they have in mind, and living their...

  • Interview at Greenmarket (Union Square)

    Environment, Environmental Design

    Last Friday (October 24), I had a chance to talk with one of honey seller at Union Square Greenmarket. His name was Duane and for ten years his profession was building beehives. He worked for company named Tremblay Apiaries, which located at upstate New York. He said, he is not expert on CCD issue but commented “organic (bee) farmers wonder what flowers will bloom next year; it’s the other farmers who wonder where all the bees went”. His comment indicated problem of using chemical pesticide rather than using plant extract GMO (Genetically Modified Organism), which organic (bee) farmers prefer.

  • The "unofficial" launch

    Well-being, Communication Design


    the empathy method has just been launched. This is my current project, which involves design, art, and theory within a socially conscious mindset. It's expected to be a space of vast collaboration and participation, so please comment and pass it on!

  • School is driving me nuts and i love it.

    Education, Communication Design

    I have not had sleep in a couple of days and i have come to the point- its alright and its worth it. Something about staying on top of things and getting everything done on a deadline is exciting (but not if something goes wrong). Today is portfolio i wasnt given good comments on my product shots and honestly im proud of what i do or else i wouldnt be turning it into my teacher but im just not into still life. I think that its great when a still life is conceptual and eye catching. I guess im taking my still lifes/product shots like portraits. I need to look at product shots the way i do architecture (which is my specialization).

    I have faith in myself i know i can get a graps of product shots- i just have to keep looking and paying attention.

  • Logo_177_

    A Non-profit organization for project 2

    Adaptive Learning Center provides support services so children with special needs (e.g., autism, cerebral palsy, mental retardation) can participate in preschools alongside their typically developing peers. Special educators and therapists integrate services into daily classroom activities. Developmental assessments, parent information and support, and training for preschool teachers are also provided.

  • Bike Racks



    Here are some bike racks I found in a design book I was looking through. I like how these two out of the many had a hole in a spot near the tire to connect your lock through. Although I think thats smart, I still believe that if the bike rack was government property and had a lock as part of the rack it would deter thieves from vandalizing a bike. Bike Racks

    PS, ive recently signed onto imageshack and found that most of my images have dissapeared. I will be making a new account with photobucket to view my images from here on out

  • images ICE-AGE TRAY

    Communication, Communication Design

    Dear Mr Bare,

    my name is Francesca Ferrua and I'm the editor responsible for book on ecodesign (I have a pdf description but cannot enclose it here). The book will be published by a German publishing house, that is an imprint of the rather well-known Tandem Verlag. They distribute all over the world.

    Since the ICE-AGE TRAY has been described to us as very interesting by the authors of the book itself (University professors of Turin), I would like to ask you to send some images in high resolution (300 dpi).

    Furthermore, we would like to dedicate a couple of pages more to relevant projects that have also some large size images (width around 25 cm, height around 30 cm).

    I hope you can find this proposal interesting and look forward to your reaction,

    with kind regards,


    LiberLab Soc. Coop. Servizi Editoriali - Comunicazione Via del Pascolo 33/a 12038 Savigliano CN ITALY

    tel 0039 (0)172 711562 fax 0039 (0)172 375532

    Think about the environment before printing

  • Ecuadorian artisans work

    Well-being, Industrial Design


    More examples of Ecuadorian Artisans Work.

  • **my anti crack**

    Arts & Culture, Communication Design

    i was thinking on doin a spoof on the the whole anti drug thing. like the music is my anti drug but more in the sense of using another drug as my get away and boycotting crack e.g popping X is my anti crack something like that

  • The importance of the design process

    Well-being, Communication Design

    I begin an engagement with a community which has, in few moments, inspired me enough to write this entry. This is also an opportunity to crack the egg, to submerge from a four-month hiatus in which I've been too afraid to write, to talk, to even think, although I have to admit that the latter one has been the one I've been less afraid of.

    In beginning a process of recognition of valuable time wasted, or, from another less self-tortured perspective, from a most deserved break after the completion of a degree sought out with "blood, sweat and tears", I find myself to be idle, to be in a state of non-responsiveness to my own practice. In more simple words, I haven't conceived or even participated in a design project recently. Should I be worried of getting "rusty"? Should I keep on being paralyzed until the opportunity comes? Should I get out of this closet-room and engage in whatever task comes handy? I'm inclining towards the latter.

    Even so, I have to admit that my last project was thought out to be a "failure". I was probably the only one who thought this. And why would that be? Because I forgot about the importance of the process within the work. I didn't listen to the work. I didn't understand if it was an art project or design project, I had these categories straight in my head (and backed up by my education and my professional experience) but in these past couple of months I've started to doubt so much. I'm hoping it's "Cezanne's d...

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