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  • Giving Back when it comes to housing

    Community, Environmental Design

    I have been in the process of setting up a 501c program to help people that have the houses foreclosed and finding partners to help clean them up so they are not an eyesore in the neighborhood. It a great feeling to know that you are using interior design skills to make a house a home.

  • Moschino's Show window

    Arts & Culture, Fashion Design


    It has been always refreshing and impressive to see Moschino’s window display. They never disappointed me since 1998 when I saw unique display in Milan boutique. I saw Rudolf in 2005’s winter display and this time they used chick. Isn’t it so witty?

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    Arts & Culture, Environmental Design


    — MOBILE ART, Chanel contemporary art container by Zaha Hadid in Central Park at Rumsey Playfield.

    Mobile art exhibition featuring: Nobuyoshi Araki, Daniel Buren, Blue Noses, Sophie Calle, Lee Bul, Loris Cecchini, Wim Delvoye. Leandro Erlich, Fabrice Hyber, Sylvie Fleury, Y.Z. Kami, Yang Fudong, David Levinthal, Subodh Gupta, Michael Lin, Yoko Ono, Pierre & Gilles, Stephen Shore, Tabaimo, and Soju Tao.

    — I liked “Fifty years after our common era, or handbags (2007, Video installation in a box)” by Blue Noses, “Le Trottoir (2006-07 Video Installation)” by Leandro Erlich

    Collection of artworks was not impressive as I expected, and I was waiting for an hour to get a ticket in freezing weather. My first impression is that they took care of guard’s uniform but not audiences, who have to stand in line for more than hours to get a ticket. Chanel prepared online reservation but it didn’t work for overwhelmed audiences in New York.

    Am I huge complainer? May be, but I think it is important to keep elegant experiences. I mean it’s from Chanel, which is the highest level of brand quality.

  • What Does Color Say About You?

    Arts & Culture, Environmental Design


    Color Effects Your Mood

    Your mother actually knew what she was doing when she choose the color pink for the carpet in your childhood bedroom. Pink has a calming effect and is considered very tranquil; which is why you were sent to your room full of pink carpet after throwing your weekly temper tantrum.

    Throughout history, color has been used in various ways. The Native American Indians, as well as the Egyptians used color for healing. Graphic design and marketing companies use color to invoke an emotion or a suggestion from their clients’ target audiences.

    Choose Color Carefully

    When choosing the right colors for your corporate logo or brochure design, we at Full Moon Design Group take in consideration what image you want to portray. Colors help define how your corporation is perceived.

    Red is the most energetic and attention-getting color. It is associated with love, danger, speed, strength, anger and violence. Blue is the most stable color and reflects reliability, loyalty and cleanliness. It can actually reduce body temperature and slow down the heart rate. Black represents many things such as mystery, fear, power, death and wealth. Think of common terms associated with Black, i.e. Black Monday. Green is considered by many as their favorite color. It represents good luck, the environment, renewal, growth, etc. It can, however, also represent envy and jealousy. Yellow represents happiness, joy and sunshine. Too much of it, though, can cause anxiety. T...

  • Manifesto



    My manifesto is about female boxers competing in the Olympics.

  • Pipe_dream_132_

    The human being is known for being anything but perfect. So why are we so hard on ourselves when we fall short of our goals? Remember the old saying our parents first preached to us, "If at first you don't succeed then try, try again?" Well, we as a people, need to live each day of our lives by this encouraging saying. Most of us are all guilty of abandoning goals we set out to finish leaving them lingering in the back of our minds. This is only normal and we have seemed to forget that. We just seem to cash in one goal for another as a way of starting over. If only we would only stick to our goals and ambitions we could all accomplish much more than we can imagine. We need to search deep within ourselves for the strength and perseverance it takes to see things through to the end.

    One case and scenario is a good friend of mine who we will call the king of pipe dreams. One day he decided that he was going into business for himself as a pressure washer. He came up with this grand scheme of producing flyers and getting his name out there to pick up some extra cash. Well, he went to the local depot and bought a brand new pressure washer for about two hundred and fifty dollars. I asked him why he invested so much money up front on an expensive pressure washer. He responded simply that he only uses top of the line products, but thats a different manifesto all together. Anyway, before i get carried away, he came home and tested out his new contraption on his own driveway. ...

  • Manifesto

    Arts & Culture


    Do you think it could be possible to go through one day in the modern world and not come across one item for purchase that has been graphically designed and screen-printed? The fact is it would be highly unlikely to not come across hundreds of items that have been designed and screened. Screen-printing itself is one of the foundations of graphic design, so why then would they not teach such a skill at a design related school? The art of Screen-printing is one of the greatest inventions that man has ever created. Since it’s conception screen-printing has shaped the way we view the world around us, through various substrates that make up our everyday life. Early forms of screen printing made it possible to circulate information faster to people that would otherwise have no idea of the occurrences around the rest of the world. Screen-printing has also played a vital role in the advancement of fine art and graphic design. The art of poster design and certain promotional materials would be lost without the technique of screening. As the art has evolved and been perfected through advancements in human knowledge and modern technology screen-printing has become an important aspect in our everyday lives, whether we acknowledge it or not. So I ask again why do they not teach the skill at an art school that teaches graphic design? I don’t have a clue. It is to my understanding that my school (The Art Institute of Atlanta) used to teach the foundations of screen-printing some time ago b...

  • 12-inch Manifesto

    Arts & Culture, Audio/Visual Design


    Back in 1997 when the internet exploded into the public domain, we had no idea what it would eventually evolve into. The networking of computing was in it’s infant stages. However we still went to go get our music on CDs or tapes from stores. Mp3s were fairly new and would take at least a few hours for one song.

    Today, the digital music scene is huge. A vast selection of music is available for purchase on the internet, entire albums even. That’s all very well and good, however I believe we’re in danger of losing something important, especially to design.

    Album art.

    Everyone has their favorite album cover, or even covers. If you’re lucky, you have a lovely 12 inch vinyl sleeve displaying it proudly. However, in the age of instant gratification and music downloads, I believe we could lose the tangible aspect of album design. Hopefully, we will never fully go digital, but as more and more people become integrated into the iPod/Zune/etc. system, there may come a point where albums are only produced digitally.

    For me, part of the music experience is the opening of the package and taking in the designs of the CDs/DVDs/LPs. The cover, the back, the sleeve, the inserts, and the disc itself all had conscious design/artwork produced to provide that extra bit of emotion that the music represents.

    Popping on your online music catalogue, you are only given a measly 200x200 pixel album cover when you purchase it. Imagine that, you’re given a design brief to design an album...

  • Water Woman Project

    Arts & Culture, Environmental Design


    Water Woman Project can be seen here:

  • Social Innovation Camp

    Community, Environmental Design


    Social Innovation Camp is an experiment in creating social innovations for the digital age.

    We think the web and related technologies hold huge potential to change some pretty fundamental stuff: how people hold those in positions of power accountable; who they rely on to provide the services they need to live healthy, happy lives; or how they make a difference to something that affects them.

    But for any of this to happen, we have to work out what people really need and start building the technology that can help - which is what Social Innovation Camp is all about.

    Through unusual, creative events we bring together talented software developers and designers with social innovators to build effective web-based solutions to real social problems.

    Every six months these weekend-long events bring together some of the best of the UK and Europe’s web developers and designers with people at the sharp end of social problems.

    The Social Innovation Camp takes six ideas for web-based tools that will create social change and develops them over one weekend. Working with a diverse range of people, participants organise themselves into teams and help make a back-of-the-envelop idea into a working prototype - complete with working software - in just two days.

    To find out more, please visit:

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