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  • Water Woman Project

    Arts & Culture, Environmental Design


    Water Woman Project can be seen here:

  • Social Innovation Camp

    Community, Environmental Design


    Social Innovation Camp is an experiment in creating social innovations for the digital age.

    We think the web and related technologies hold huge potential to change some pretty fundamental stuff: how people hold those in positions of power accountable; who they rely on to provide the services they need to live healthy, happy lives; or how they make a difference to something that affects them.

    But for any of this to happen, we have to work out what people really need and start building the technology that can help - which is what Social Innovation Camp is all about.

    Through unusual, creative events we bring together talented software developers and designers with social innovators to build effective web-based solutions to real social problems.

    Every six months these weekend-long events bring together some of the best of the UK and Europe’s web developers and designers with people at the sharp end of social problems.

    The Social Innovation Camp takes six ideas for web-based tools that will create social change and develops them over one weekend. Working with a diverse range of people, participants organise themselves into teams and help make a back-of-the-envelop idea into a working prototype - complete with working software - in just two days.

    To find out more, please visit:

  • Language Matters

    Communication, Communication Design

    UNESCO is calling for entries on their "Language Matters" competition. I believe it is a great oportunity to design thinking on an aspect of life that is crucial for human communication and understanding.

  • Expand my Vocab

    Arts & Culture

    i am thinking of creating a self driven project for my portfolio about expanding peoples vocabulary by creating shirts with interesting and positive words on them and the definition of the word on the back… just a thought

  • Moon_monster2_177_

    Light Pollution is misdirected light, stray light, avoidable reflected light, light during hours when it is not needed and light levels more than what is needed for the task. (Unwanted light illuminating an area or property and excessive brightness in the normal field of vision.) Light pollution affects wildlife in undeveloped natural habitat areas and the use and enjoyment of property. It also interferes with astronomy and it wastes energy.

    Some of the sources for light pollution may come from a variety of artificial sources including street lights and neon signs that increases levels of background ambient light. There are some place where we require high levels of light for safety and or security reasons: airports, prisons, bus stations and associated facilities (Marta or CCT), place of that nature.

    So next time you look at the bright, and sparkling skyline where ever you are, and you see that glow. Think light pollution.

  • I will act always as a designer!

    Communication, Communication Design

    It is my daily nightmare. No, it is not a true nightmare, let us say, a visitor. It is not only a night visitor; it is a visitor of every time. I am a designer, and as a designer cares for everything, I frequently find myself thinking like a designer. I ask questions that a designer asks. I attempt to find functional design solutions to a design problem I have uncovered while being a designer. I think of design brief, design proposal and design principles to guide me through the process. I rely on design thinking.

    This is does not concern how much experience I have, no matter who am I, a great designer or not, it is normal to find something missing when I forget myself as a designer, or I do not consider my self as one of the audience, a user, a consumer or an audience. If I do not act as so, I will not be able to solve a problem.

    All design solutions are considered as conjecture. Ok, that is fine, but this requires me using design thinking and principles; and how good to solve problems, and simply be not only a designer. How important for me to know whether the design works in a positive sense or not. Am I able to answer the question. I think that the answer can be achieved best by incorporate user feedback in the design process, by allowing myself playing a double role, a designer and a consumer, or one of the audience.

    It is simply to act on behalf of others by allowing myself to get into their world, better than inquiring what they have in mind, and living their...

  • Interview at Greenmarket (Union Square)

    Environment, Environmental Design

    Last Friday (October 24), I had a chance to talk with one of honey seller at Union Square Greenmarket. His name was Duane and for ten years his profession was building beehives. He worked for company named Tremblay Apiaries, which located at upstate New York. He said, he is not expert on CCD issue but commented “organic (bee) farmers wonder what flowers will bloom next year; it’s the other farmers who wonder where all the bees went”. His comment indicated problem of using chemical pesticide rather than using plant extract GMO (Genetically Modified Organism), which organic (bee) farmers prefer.

  • The "unofficial" launch

    Well-being, Communication Design


    the empathy method has just been launched. This is my current project, which involves design, art, and theory within a socially conscious mindset. It's expected to be a space of vast collaboration and participation, so please comment and pass it on!

  • School is driving me nuts and i love it.

    Education, Communication Design

    I have not had sleep in a couple of days and i have come to the point- its alright and its worth it. Something about staying on top of things and getting everything done on a deadline is exciting (but not if something goes wrong). Today is portfolio i wasnt given good comments on my product shots and honestly im proud of what i do or else i wouldnt be turning it into my teacher but im just not into still life. I think that its great when a still life is conceptual and eye catching. I guess im taking my still lifes/product shots like portraits. I need to look at product shots the way i do architecture (which is my specialization).

    I have faith in myself i know i can get a graps of product shots- i just have to keep looking and paying attention.

  • Logo_177_

    A Non-profit organization for project 2

    Adaptive Learning Center provides support services so children with special needs (e.g., autism, cerebral palsy, mental retardation) can participate in preschools alongside their typically developing peers. Special educators and therapists integrate services into daily classroom activities. Developmental assessments, parent information and support, and training for preschool teachers are also provided.

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