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  • shelter - water - food

    Environment, Industrial Design


    We are looking for partners to develop sustainable technologies to provide the basic elements of life.

    We would like to work with companies that have identified the need to break away from the old methods to find new materials and manufacturing methods that will tackle head on the major problems facing this planet.

    Areas of interest include packaging, new plastics, high efficiency lighting, water production, water treatment, construction, air conditioning, heating, stainless steel fabrication, furniture design and transportation.

    We want to stop talking about it and get on with it.

  • Mark Silvers arquitecture pieces

    Arts & Culture, Industrial Design

    To paint a little of picture of the description, I can see something modern about his work. His work seems to be inspired by something that we haven’t seen before or that will become our future.
    I think what makes this work beautiful (as I mentioned before) is the constrast between the lighting on the signs revealed throughout the photo. You can see here, the importance of little things in a big picture. Here you can you tell ,that the street sign poles are really important here in this image and the contrast that such makes with the darker imaging.

  • ma ri + mo i

    Arts & Culture


    mari + moi my upcoming paper line

  • Hideous Sunday

    Arts & Culture


    Great art blog written by Sean Donovan. (

  • A Conducive Environment

    Environment, Environmental Design


    Of Lateral and Collateral

  • My Manifesto

    Arts & Culture, Communication Design

    Learning a Foreign Language and Why

    Learning foreign languages are always a great asset that offer benefits for you and anything you do in life. Although learning a foreign language may become difficult, it really pays off because you are constantly exercising your brain which is healthy for the body. Learning foreign languages also give you the opportunity to learn about a certain country, culture and people. This allows you expand your networking, meeting new people who can help your company grow with new exciting ideas. Having the knowledge of at least two languages is a major plus on your side when applying for jobs. The more languages you know, the better you are off and the more money you make. There is no negative side you learning foreign languages and no catch to it. If taking a language class isn’t an option for you, you can make a pen-pal, ask a friend who speaks the language you want to learn, or use a website that teaches for free or in exchange for a language you do know that they can learn. When you know how to speak a country’s language, you are able to speak directly to the person rather than through a translator, who also better off because that person knows more than one language. Knowing the language also make the trip more exciting because you are communicating with people in a way you haven’t before. Business trips may even be more successful in meetings if the client see that you are putting more effort because you speak their language. You may even...

  • Graphic Design

    Arts & Culture, Communication Design


    Graphic Design and logo's

  • Graphic Design

    Arts & Culture, Communication Design


    ...Graphic Design

  • starter

    Peace, Communication Design

    life me bahut se cheeje aisi hoti hai jinse apko bahut dukh hota hai same i felt today from my life and maine aaj socha ki sab kuch vahi kahtam kar doon.iska reason sirf itna hi hai kuynki mujhe kuch smajh nahi aa raha tha....par ek bar maine socha nahi this is not the right soulution .............lekin fir bhi usne life ko kahtm kar diya.

    ye kahan tha apne ko sabse (family ,frds) door bolne wali meri ek frd ka.bahut samjahya but kahan kisi ko samjh me aata hai jab koi dukhi hota hai.par fir bhi maine ek frd ke naate jo karana tha maine kiya.

    frds jahan tak mera manna hai life is very precious hai. uske har ek pal ki importace samjhni chahiye.

    and if , you are thinking to get rid of the problem then you have to face the situtaion not to walk away from their.

  • Outline of my Design Brief, work in progress.

    Communication, Communication Design

    Mission Statement:"My mission is to provide couples with interactive designs that act to resolve the various obstacles of courtship and help themselves preserve and grow as individuals." My product is going to provide consumers with 2 options. First, the product is going to enhance Romance/Courtship. Second, the product provides you the ability of self-discovery through courtship. Therefore, either or if your relationship between your partner (do/do not) work out in the end; you have nothing to lose but self discovery and be able to have a set preference of your future lover or enhances your current relationship. I believe that we all should set our standards high!

    Research:Through out weeks of research, I found that in questionnaire survey, "trust" was one of the main issue that takes place in Courtship. Further on, I’ve been doing research on divorce rates, as well as colors, materials, and analyzing products that are relevant to my topic.

    Organizationswork in progress.

    Age Group/Target user Men and Woman between age of 20-30 due to courtship/relationship to median age of first marriages and divorces. my product will be mass productions.

    Colors/MaterialsWhat attracts for both men and women through aesthetics, emotions, and functions.

    Cost & MarketingHave not yet decided.

    PrototypeLots of designing and modeling, then test it out on users.

    Packaging & Distribution Have not yet decided.


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