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  • death's head ashtray

    Education, Industrial Design



  • self murder cup

    Communication, Industrial Design



  • global warming usb pendant

    Environment, Industrial Design



  • The Art Factor III

    Community, Communication Design


    A community prerogative

  • The Art Factor

    Arts & Culture, Communication Design


    Metonymy and the Collective Subconscious

  • shelter - water - food

    Environment, Industrial Design


    We are looking for partners to develop sustainable technologies to provide the basic elements of life.

    We would like to work with companies that have identified the need to break away from the old methods to find new materials and manufacturing methods that will tackle head on the major problems facing this planet.

    Areas of interest include packaging, new plastics, high efficiency lighting, water production, water treatment, construction, air conditioning, heating, stainless steel fabrication, furniture design and transportation.

    We want to stop talking about it and get on with it.

  • Mark Silvers arquitecture pieces

    Arts & Culture, Industrial Design

    To paint a little of picture of the description, I can see something modern about his work. His work seems to be inspired by something that we haven’t seen before or that will become our future.
    I think what makes this work beautiful (as I mentioned before) is the constrast between the lighting on the signs revealed throughout the photo. You can see here, the importance of little things in a big picture. Here you can you tell ,that the street sign poles are really important here in this image and the contrast that such makes with the darker imaging.

  • ma ri + mo i

    Arts & Culture


    mari + moi my upcoming paper line

  • Hideous Sunday

    Arts & Culture


    Great art blog written by Sean Donovan. (

  • A Conducive Environment

    Environment, Environmental Design


    Of Lateral and Collateral

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