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  • tank

    Peace, Communication Design


    tank and native design

  • waiting for work

    Poverty, Communication Design



  • work



    bread line

  • The more i realize how much i love shooting architecture the faster my work gets done. I have been working like crazy left and right- what a great quarter.

    Thanksgiving is next week and i have a feeling im not going to be able to go home (Chicago) to be with my family. My boyfriend has to get back surgery : ( and so im going to be there for him and to take care of him until he is better. I guess these are the things you do when you love someone. In all honestly i dont have a problem taking care of him- I just wish i could see my family.

    For my Social Awareness class we are suppose to have spoof ads so for the past couple of weeks ive been working 3 images. Chicken with chicken wire around it and beef with barbwire on it and pork with little metal rods stuck in it. That is how i have always thought of meat thats why i dont eat alot of it. I feel bad, im almost PETA... but not really... Im really not sure. All i know is that i have a big heart and i would rather eat a piece of chicken full knowing it had a great life. I hope that makes sense, my family thinks im weird with having those types of feelings. I cant help it, i care.

  • Hello Everyone

    Arts & Culture, Communication Design

    Be sure to check me out at Jon Williams. Cheers.

  • Is steel, because of the number of manufactured cars. Another reason why is when we reuse or melt the steel down it doesn’t loose much of itself. The one we are all familiar with is aluminum cans and plastic bottles. I also found out its not the most recycled product but aluminum could be one of the most beneficiary to us price wise if we recycled it. Though if you do recycle the aluminum it will help with other areas of printing like markers in the ink cartridges for our field (Or any field that uses ink cartridges).

  • A picture in gradients

    Arts & Culture, Communication Design


    I have been experimenting with digital designs and 'art' for a while. Much of what you see on this blog are results of this exercise in experimentation and fun. The associations are also quite serendipitous. Hope they are fun to see and meaningful for those that need that kind of stuff.

  • A Covenant

    Communication, Environmental Design


    Of Adhesives and Cohesives

  • A Material Culture

    Arts & Culture, Communication Design


    [The term material culture refers both to the psychological role, the meaning, that all physical objects in the environment have to mean something to people in a particular culture and to the range of manufactured objects (techno-complex) that are typical within a socioculture and form an essential part of cultural identity.]

    Source: wikipedia

    Augmenting a material culture with associations and articulations

  • L'homage

    Arts & Culture, Communication Design


    A Language of continuity

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