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  • Manifesto:racism


    Since the first pilgrim stepped on Plymouth Rock in the early 1600's it has been evident that there is a problem with the people in America, when it comes to race. Though race may be present, it takes up more of the personality of the average American than necessary. We treat each other differently because we are a tone lighter or darker, our eyes slant or are round, our hair is straight or curly and if we try and pair these chararistics up with an opposite we act as if a sin has been commited. This must stop.

    We should not be turning around and making ugly faces because a man of African descent of 200+ years walks hand in hand with a woman of European descent. Many can say they have no problem with another person dating a person of a different race, but then why in the situation of a black man and white woman does she become a gold digger, or weak? Why must he be turning his back on his community for his feelings? Not one race is exempt from this treatment. All races have been known to use slang that is otherwise know as slurs towards other races, only to point the finger when they are the target. It wrong either way. This is no longer a small error that can easily be corrected easily. This has become an epedemic of the mind, and of our culture. It seated deep in the mind and hearts of Americans, and it will take time for us to dig and pick our way out of this disgusting mindset that was develped by our ancestors, but we have to start now. We have to stop teaching...

  • A Material Environment

    Arts & Culture, Communication Design


    Natural Elements in Relief

  • Skills R&D

    Communication, Audio/Visual Design


    Traditional; Contemporary Vocational; Expertise

  • We comb the net for all those international design competitions out there (and dig out only the ones that actually have information in English), we read all the fine print (including the rights clauses written way down below), and we summarize it for you to read and decide whether this is worthy of showcasing your talent. We are a group of artists and designers, and we do this because we're tired of searching for such a place. Oh - and yes - it's totally free.

  • Localism

    Environment, Environmental Design




    Arts & Culture, Fashion Design

    The progressive tailoring brand introduces a new philosophy and vocabulary to the codes and identity of the modern man.

  • LUZZ LUZZ ® | Progressive Tailoring

    Arts & Culture, Fashion Design


    A vest piece for LUZZ LUZZ Homme by American menswear designer and Creative Director, Scully Lynch.

  • Scenerio_2_177_

    In this Scenario, the Doctor must travel from Operating room to Operating room where there is not an adequate place to dispose of clothes and materials. Instead the Doctor hands everything to a nurse who then disposes of it in the regular trash. Now all of that waste must me treated as medical waste. If the disposal was easily transported to that site in an emergency situation then this would not happen. During emergencies, quick, easy, transportable solutions in the form of products need to be administered to prevent unwanted waste.

  • A Ceremony

    Arts & Culture, Communication Design


    Charting a course

  • Building capacity of Samoa media in disaster management

    Filomena Nelson from DMO, facilitator of the Samoa Workshop

    © UNESCO/A. Caine 21-11-2008 (Apia)

    The UNESCO Office in Apia, together with the Disaster Management Office (DMO) of the Government of Samoa, organized a Samoa Media Disaster Management Capacity Building Workshop in Apia, from 30 to 31 October 2008.

    Disasters cause immense economic, social and cultural destruction setting back development and, sometimes, causing or increasing conflict. Within UNESCO’s strategy for disaster management and Pacific regional and national disaster risk reduction frameworks, UNESCO’s Communication and Information Sector seeks to build the capacity of media organizations to more effectively report on disaster management.

    The Apia Workshop was attended by representatives of all Samoa’s media organizations: newspapers, commercial and Christian radios, magazines and TV stations.

    The objectives of the Workshop were to:

    deliver in-depth and latest information about meteorological, hydrological, geological and health hazards, within the framework of the Samoa National Disaster Management Plan;

    provide the media with public safety procedures relating to the hazards, with a particular focus on the media’s role in the procedures;

    start developing a unique disaster management plan for each media organization, especially ‘key response’ media, including the national radio and TV.

    The Workshop took place one week before the...

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