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  • Landscapes

    Communication, Environmental Design


    A singing pastoral

  • Tate Exhibitions December 2008

    Arts & Culture, Audio/Visual Design

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    Tate Exhibitions December 2008

    UBS Openings: Saturday Live Late at Tate Britain Tate Britain Christmas Tree By Bob and Roberta Smith Francis Bacon Rothko Cildo Meireles Turner Prize 2008 The Fifth Floor: Ideas Taking Space Heimo Zobernig and the Tate Collection See all exhibitions FREE as a Tate Member

    Cildo Meireles, Eureka / Blindhotland, 1970–5

    Tate Online together with BT Orla Barry. 'The Scavenger's Daughters' rehearsal view, STUK arts centre © The artist Orla Barry 'The Scavenger's Daughters' rehearsal view, STUK arts centre, Leuven © The artist

    NEWS UBS Openings: Saturday Live Orla Barry Saturday 13 December, 2008 20.30-22.00

    Orla Barry's performance 'The Scavenger's Daughters' is an ambiguous portrait of two sisters. This epic text weaves together three monologues, constantly failing to form a narrative dialogue. Enhancing the fragile quality of the raw voice, Barry's poetic writing and theatrical performance reveal a fictional narrative which explore intimate relationships, enclosed feelings and the inability to communicate, providing a unique spatial and visual experience of language.

    Opening up art Tate Modern Collection with UBS Beaconsfield

    NEWS Late at Tate Britain Friday 5 December 2008 18.00-22.00

    Vauxhall's best kept secret Beaconsfield, a creative art laboratory, curate Late at Tate Britain this month. Bringing ...

  • An Ideal

    Communication, Communication Design


    A Causeway Token

  • Rahman_177_

    I have recently heard the news from Yahoo India portal that the music maestro A.R. Rahman will compose the theme music for the upcoming Champions’ League T20 Cricket Tournament in India. I believe this time, Rahman will come up with such a energetic and inspiring tune! Indian Premiere League (IPL) is also planning to make a promotional video and the theme music will be composed by Rahman.It is also heard that A.R. Rahman will also compose the theme music of the Commonwealth Games to be held at New Delhi in 2010.

    Thanks to Yahoo India Portal for this information.

  • Safi


    I changed my project's name to 'Safi' which means clean, pure, sanitary, fresh, genuine, honest & true in Swahili

    Swahili is the first language of the Swahili people (Waswahili), who inhabit several large stretches of the Indian Ocean coastline from Kenya to northern Mozambique. Although only 5-10 million people speak it as their native language, Swahili is a lingua franca of much of East Africa and the Democratic Republic of the Congo, is a national or official language of four nations, and is the only language of African origin among the official working languages of the African Union.

  • The Charette



    Branding: could be a slip cover made from nylon over the tripod or a Velcro attachment of some sort It should be compact enough to be a 3-4 foot backpack to be carried or transported easily by cab, bike, or train. The idea of it trailing behind (look at Rolling Rack blog) is not the most realistic. Ryan wouldn’t mind a trailer behind him, but their volunteer Elena would. They say trailers are hard to maneuver. It is easy to acquire a permit for a reserved parking spot on the street when an event goes down The cost for them to build their makeshift rack which sways side to side is about 100, they think a good selling price would be about 300 dollars. It would be cool if it was made from some of the materials bikes are made from. A bikes weight varies greatly but an average would be 25 lbs a bike. Its an approximate 20 bikes on a 13 foot pole that they use. They squeeze the bikes together as much as possible. If branded well they think it will increase membership for their cause.

  • test

    Well-being, Industrial Design


  • Behold!

    Arts & Culture, Audio/Visual Design


    'The Art of Life'

    We often innovate on our own lives to ensure that our life worthiness does not depreciate. In so doing, the foundations often bear more fruit than most would imagine or appreciate.

    What can we say?

    That's life!

  • Manifesto:racism


    Since the first pilgrim stepped on Plymouth Rock in the early 1600's it has been evident that there is a problem with the people in America, when it comes to race. Though race may be present, it takes up more of the personality of the average American than necessary. We treat each other differently because we are a tone lighter or darker, our eyes slant or are round, our hair is straight or curly and if we try and pair these chararistics up with an opposite we act as if a sin has been commited. This must stop.

    We should not be turning around and making ugly faces because a man of African descent of 200+ years walks hand in hand with a woman of European descent. Many can say they have no problem with another person dating a person of a different race, but then why in the situation of a black man and white woman does she become a gold digger, or weak? Why must he be turning his back on his community for his feelings? Not one race is exempt from this treatment. All races have been known to use slang that is otherwise know as slurs towards other races, only to point the finger when they are the target. It wrong either way. This is no longer a small error that can easily be corrected easily. This has become an epedemic of the mind, and of our culture. It seated deep in the mind and hearts of Americans, and it will take time for us to dig and pick our way out of this disgusting mindset that was develped by our ancestors, but we have to start now. We have to stop teaching...

  • A Material Environment

    Arts & Culture, Communication Design


    Natural Elements in Relief

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