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  • Carbon Dating

    Well-being, Audio/Visual Design


    A tree for all seasons

  • An oceanic enunciation

    Education, Communication Design


    A Formation

  • Work

    Communication, Communication Design


    This is my first post to DESIGN21 - I am currently working on many projects including an Annual Report, a couple of Websites, a DVD & Booklet for an event in January 09, Banners, Leaflets, Posters, etc.

    We concentrate mainly on the Charity & Voluntary sector - the work is varied and keeps us busy, but we are always available to new clients, if you have a design project in mind - email or call us to discuss it.

    More later...

    Kind Regards,


  • Turning on the creative tap

    Well-being, Audio/Visual Design

    Today more the ever it seems even harder to get 5 minutes to just lean back in your chair and give you self some time for free, creative thought. It today’s fast paced agency, or freelance world we’re constantly given creative briefs and expected to squeeze out award winning creative concepts in a matter of hours. You know what? It doesn’t always happen that way.

    That being said we’ve all been given that brief, and sometime between the boardroom table and our drawing table we’re struck by creative genius. Unfortunately, that’s not the majority of the time. The inspiration for a new job can sometime take time, not always a lot, but more often then not, the stress of deadlines can sometimes paralyze us from our most creative work.

    Here are some tips I’ve collected over the years to help me in the tough times:

    1. Stop fighting. Allow yourself to BE inspired.
    2. Imagine yourself floating, watching yourself from above.
    3. Listen to music, or listen to complete silence.
    4. Sketch and brainstorm with reckless abandon
    5. Don’t afraid to be bold.
    6. Think of something you’ve never tried and DO it.
    7. Think of something you love and remember why you love it.
    8. Think of the opposite.
    9. Take a break. No really, I mean it. Take a walk, watch a movie, phone a friend…
      1. Don’t be afraid to fail or to be criticized.
      2. What is the benefit of the benefit (Thanks Rod)
      3. Look back at your first idea. It’s probably the right one.
      4. Try to get back to what you enjoy about your art.

    There are thousan...

  • My Critique Results

    Well-being, Industrial Design


    The design critique has been immensely helpful in terms of getting me on the right path. Many of the people I talked with have great feedback. They loved the simplicity of my project, my goals I set to achieve, and have specific I was with my topic. However, overwhelming complaints came with the lack of labels for the icons located on the top, right of the product. There were also three major suggestions for where to take my project next. It was suggested that I focus specifically on making a very easy to use router, it was also suggested that I apply my design philosophy for the elderly to other technological products, and thirdly it was proposed that I develop other products to work with the router. I am most in favor of making products that work with the router, and more specifically medical products. My project currently attempts to cover a range of issues, but the medical issue seems vastly more important that the others. Because my project relies heavily on being an anchor in the remote monitoring healthcare industry it is absolutely essential that I gain a good understand of this industry, how it works, how remote monitoring it setup, and what remote monitoring capabilities there currently are or may be available in the near future. Most importantly I need to see if there is even a place for my product in that industry. They may have already solved the problem I propose to correct, in which case I will steer myself more towards communication and entertainment.

  • Fjords and fountains

    Environment, Environmental Design


    Tinted by glass

  • A Rain Dance

    Well-being, Communication Design


    An Offering

  • Why Blog?


    I used to find blogs a little odd, as there is a presumption that someone else will find your thoughts interesting but a friend of mine, Kate Andrews, has inspired me to revaluate this. For example, a blog can help you to define what you are thinking and keep track of conclusions that you make. It can also open your thoughts up to other people so that they can (constructively) criticise them and help you to share things that you think will help other people.

    I suppose as my first ever post I should think about what my aims are:

    1. To attempt to make a conclusion at the end of every post as I have a bad habit of only asking questions.

    2. To add some thoughts of my own and not just distribute news.

    3. Only to post when I have something important to say (this will undoubtedly keep the blog very short indeed).

  • Melting Flows

    Communication, Communication Design


    Snow-Capped Planes

  • Of Course!

    Well-being, Audio/Visual Design


    A meandering rivulet finds azure skies.

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