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  • Equidistant?

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    The Focal Point in Relief

  • Looking for work

    Communication, Communication Design


    I'm a student at University of Zagreb, Faculty of Graphic Arts in search for freelance / outsource work in graphic design area.

    If anybody needs my skills, and I can deliver it by e-mail, please contact me.

    Thank you,



  • Moving in our water jugs.

    Environment, Environmental Design


    We have being destroying aquatic animals habitats for many reasons. Some of them are: Logging, agriculture - cash foods (dinning out), fuel, large dams, mining for oil and other things, industry and tourism.

    So what if they stepped in on us, pushing us out the way contaminating us. You know just walk in our house and put there feet on the table and ask us “what are we drinking?” I know we need things that are in and around the water. But at the same time we need to think about the.

  • Correlation

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    Buoyancy and being

  • Call to Designers posted

    Arts & Culture

    A new Call to Designers submission oppty. has been posted by BECA at:

  • CEO of an enterprise not yet in existence.

    Poverty, Industrial Design


    Given in the following pages are the initial outline plans for a Private enterprise in the fertile plains of North Bihar (in the 14 districts of North Bihar); the main aim of which would be to enhance the food security of India in its own small way. The enterprise would be submitted to the Divine (HH Sri Sri Ravi Shankar- Founder of the ‘Art of Living’) and the large amount of funds required for an enterprise on such a large scale would be procured through Venture Capital. The ‘Core Team’ of the enterprise would comprise of chosen devotees of Gurudev (HH Sri Sri Ravi Shankar) who send their emails at by 01 Dec 2009. The earliest this enterprise can begin would be by 13 May 2010. Barring the aim; all aspects presently felt proper for the enterprise are flexible and could change at any time, in order achieve the aim of the enterprise effectively.


    • The farmers in the villages (of 14 districts) in the plains of North Bihar would be encouraged (inspired) by courses of the ‘Art of Living’ to raise their own Food Processing Units (FPUs) by the enterprise. The locals in the area would be given guidance and assistance for raising their own FPUs. • A number of ‘Food Parks’ of the enterprise would be raised in identified (flood free) areas of North Bihar to coordinate the Packaging, Storage, and Marketing of the products of the FPUs of the locals in the area for decided profit percentages. • The HQ of the enterprise would be...

  • Designer's questions

    Community, Communication Design

    What's next for a designer?

  • Photoshop’s Fall: Deciphering the Adobe Code

    Community, Audio/Visual Design


    I never thought it would happen. Not this soon. Yet, like all the great empires of yore, Photoshop—and it’s parent Adobe Systems Incorporated—is not immune to the irresistible intoxication of hubris.

    With the release of Adobe Photoshop CS4, the backbone of Photoshop has been compromised. Specifically, the workflow for millions of users has been completely usurped with the removal and introduction of some new “features.”


  • Carbon Dating

    Well-being, Audio/Visual Design


    A tree for all seasons

  • An oceanic enunciation

    Education, Communication Design


    A Formation

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