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  • Recycle - A 'Soap' Story

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    Soso Designers from France designed these packaging concepts for Designboom's Reinvent competition and incidentally won the first place in the packaging category. Cleaning products generate lot of wastes. In this concept, MR CLEAN becomes a company which actively takes care of environment. The designers enhanced the shape of classical liquid multipurpose cleaner, spray multipurpose cleaner, and dish washing detergent bottles, in order to invite consumers to keep and fill them at home. After the bottle purchase, the client will only buy concentrate refill pack to dilute it with water, and throw it after use in the recycle bin. These thin refill refer to the formal shape of cleanings products, instead of real bottles clients will buy images as a memory of them. I liked this concept because it offers a message to recycle while not compromising on the punch required to attract customers. Plus, while the idea of refills is not new, the idea of shaping the refills in the exact form of the original packaging is, and that ads that extra charm.

  • P1000725_177_

    Hi.. I would like to know about my experience which is confused to determine disease or improve creativity&litheral thinking. I want to change my mind& my conmunity to be peaceful &developed then my brain was working very fast&I don,t afraid to do &solve problem between my partners&my comunity. I also choose a book at BKK air port is "emotional intelligence",I never read such type of book but my choice is very pleased to my mind. I could solve the problems,I asked &got consultancy from a Man(he is a 1st author (translation)of litheral thinking&orthopedic surgeon....contribute your new idea to your comunity,not a disease and it is new idea generating. it is what he explained about me. I also love to create&build buildings,creating logos&design. I am not an architect but I can made comtempory design for residential &I made design&build for 5residences & some people offer to make design for their residence. I also want to be a real Sir Richard Bransin (Virgin Group leader)...but not same idea to do business. I always do the business in different ways not follow others peoples . I do not afraid to do in all but I never want to give trouble for others. please..someone who feeling like me ...give me advice for me. thanks for patience reading my post in Bad english.

  • Sustenance and the Seasons

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    Nurturing a tradition


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    designer & teacher.

  • Sustenance and Nature

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    Bonding with history

  • Sustenance and Structures

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    Sustaining a bond

  • Adaptation

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    From day to night and onwards

  • Paperbottle1_132_

    The 360 Paper Bottle is a truly innovative packaging from Brandimage, which involved itself in every stage of design including concept development, branding, prototyping, engineering, and product design. The 360 Paper Bottle is the first of its kind in the world, and a true environmentally-friendly solution to the problem of plastic water bottles. The designers' idea was to design a container that would leverage sustainability, be easy to transport, and enhance the consumer’s drinking experience. The Bottle is the first fully recyclable paper container made from 100% renewable resources and offers a versatile range of consumer applications as it can stand up to all types of liquids. The Bottle is made from food-safe and fully recyclable materials and decreases energy consumed throughout the product life cycle without sacrificing functionality. Thumbs Up!!

  • Equidistant?

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    The Focal Point in Relief

  • Looking for work

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    I'm a student at University of Zagreb, Faculty of Graphic Arts in search for freelance / outsource work in graphic design area.

    If anybody needs my skills, and I can deliver it by e-mail, please contact me.

    Thank you,



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