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  • test blog

    Environment, Communication Design


  • the art gallery of ontario

    Arts & Culture, Industrial Design


    toronto is canada’s largest city and the birthplace of architect frank gehry. gehry was born into a jewish family living in one of downtown toronto’s immigrant neighbourhoods. gehry would often visit the food market with his grandmother or spend time building things from scraps at his grandfather’s hardware store. as a child, gehry also visited the nearby art gallery of ontario, which was only a few minutes from his family’s home. although gehry moved to california in 1947, he would later return to toronto to re-design the very gallery he visited as a child.

    history the art gallery of ontario (AGO) was founded in 1900 as the art museum of toronto by a group of private citizens. it was later renamed the art gallery of toronto in 1919 and became the art gallery of ontario in 1966. the AGO moved to its current location in 1911, occupying a building known as ‘the grange’. since then, the building has also gone through seven different iterations and additions beginning in 1918 with a beaux-arts style building designed by pearson and darling. more renovations were completed in the 1920’s, 1970’s and the final one in the 1990’s by barton myers.

    despite its most recent renovations and additional space, the gallery continued to grow and more room was needed. in 2002, publisher and art collector ken thomson donated his 2,000 piece art collection and 100 million CAD to the AGO. the gallery knew they needed to expand in order to house this siza...

  • A gift

    Community, Environmental Design


    A childhood wonder

  • Creative Conservation

    Environment, Environmental Design


    The Famed Danfe and Munal

  • Creative Conservation

    Environment, Environmental Design


    The Famed Tiger

  • Creative Conservation

    Arts & Culture, Environmental Design


    The Famed Window

  • street interventions by filthyluker

    Arts & Culture, Audio/Visual Design


    an artist by the name of filthyluker is yet another urban intervention artist. coming from the UK, filthyluker has produced a number of projects that sit somewhere between public art and graffiti. here is a selection of the artist’s works, which range from large scale inflatables to small eyes dotting the urban landscape. his work has a clear environmental message, drawing attention to nature in the city.

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  • renate buser

    Arts & Culture, Industrial Design


    renate buser is a swiss art photographer based in basel. many of his projects involve mounting large realistic images in urban settings which have some kind of optical illusion. looking at these pieces, the viewer is tricked into seeing a something that is not there. these large 2-D images are mounted on the buildings to give the illusion of three dimensions. however some of buser’s other works transform 2-D canvases into three dimensions.

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  • 189_132_

    yuri naruse and jun inokuma of naruse inokuma architects are WSCA / world space creator awards 2007 winners.

  • 'time out of scale' by UNstudio

    Arts & Culture, Industrial Design


    Motorola recently launched a premium handset named ‘aura’. to celebrate the launch, motorola commissioned UNstudio to create a special installation called ‘time out of scale’. the special installation is located at st. martins lane hotel in london. the design is inspired by the ‘aura’ which UNstudio principal ben van berkel used as a starting point to explore concepts of time and craftsmanship. in the design, time is represented by rhythmic changes in sound and imagery within the borderless space.


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