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  • Passing the parcel

    Well-being, Environmental Design


    Stability as a counterpoint and pov

  • Object-oriented Programming

    Education, Environmental Design


    A digi-tech distillation

  • Looking Ahead

    Well-being, Communication Design


    Hope, Faith and Abstraction in Tomorrow


    Communication, Communication Design



    This email is in response to the seeing the film, Helvetica.

    To The Helvetica Film Team: I recently had the pleasure of watching your movie, Helvetica, and I thought that it was very good overall. However, never once was Geigy Pharmaceutical and its top graphic design team (many now in Helvetica Heaven like Fred Troller, Theo Welti, Marcus Lowe and many others.) mentioned in the role that Helvetica played in the worldwide corporate identity (Branding) that Geigy created using Helvetica. (In the beginning Geigy originally had an exclusive contractual agreement for the use of Helvetica to my knowledge) Geigy literally wrote the book on Corporate/Brand Identity through their in-house design group both in Basel and in the U.S. which many others followed throughout the world and in many cases still follow. We all have creative license to create history as we choose and that is very acceptable here in the colonies, but to have the Swiss designers who were interviewed in your film leave Geigy out is astonishing. All the designers interviewed missed a valuable part of Graphic Design History by leaving out the incredible Graphic Design movement at Geigy, Basel. There has been nothing like it since. Maybe you were aware of this or maybe it was edited out.... but unfortunately many young and growing designers have lost a valuable piece of inspiring graphic design/type history desperately needed in today's industry. Geigy In-House Design ( design/copy standards continued thro...

  • Belt of Nishijin textile kimono

    Arts & Culture, Industrial Design


    I am using a historical traditional craft of Kyoto for the interior design of the restaurant.

  • Akamaru monogatari Movie Trailer

    Arts & Culture, Audio/Visual Design


    Finally! Akamaru monogatari movie trailer is out.

    Seeing is believing. Enjoy!

    Akamaru monogatari 赤丸物語 or The Story About Red Circle

    Movie tells a story about Japanese history, beginning with wars in 1600 AD.. Starting with Japanese civil wars and falling of Shogunat, after which comes the period of Japanese attacks on Russia and China, trough period of Great War and World War II. To this point movie is made like documentary, but after that it becomes a fiction. Japan prospers for the greater good of the mankind to the point when Earth is attacked by an alien force. Japan who was trained for war is the only one who can stand in the way of this much advanced war civilization. This is the time when they start their robots, to fight against alien threat.




    Son mis deseos para los integrantes de Design21.

    Atte. Plácido Luna

  • Language Matters!!

    Education, Communication Design


    We all need to cooperate to help languages be alive and works hard to make the alive no matter what the languages is, how important it is, or what kind of people are speaking it. We all can make it together.

  • A Creative Niche

    Communication, Communication Design


    Monopolising a design space for impressions

  • A Legend

    Well-being, Environmental Design


    The Urban Music

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