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  • A day turns into night

    Communication, Communication Design


    Glory and gales

  • A screen of moments

    Well-being, Environmental Design


    Grace and gratitude


    Arts & Culture, Communication Design


    MINIATURA D'AUTOR internacional intercambio

    Curadora Nuria Metzli Montoya Direccion: Galleria G28 di Via Ada Negri 28, Cagliari, Italy

    Una grande sorpresa per me è stata quando la associazione Raibow di Cagliari si è interessata al mio progetto.Italo Medda e Gianni Atzeni hanno allestito la mostra prima edizione di: MINIATURA D'AUTOR, 2008.

    La Galleria G28 di Via Ada Negri 28, Cagliari, in due delle sue numerose aule, ha esibito le prime miniature arrivate nel periodo di settembre a novembre 2008. In un bellissimo pallazzo de inizi del secolo scorso, dove operano altre associazioni artisticche, alle 18,30 del sabato 13, nel primo piano, si è inaugurata la mostra. All' ingresso, si trovano le due sale, una di fronte al'altra, a destra e a sinistra:

    for more details:

  • Languages matter

    Communication, Communication Design


    hello, what do you think about my poster?


  • Languages Matter!

    Arts & Culture, Communication Design


    International mother language day poster for UNESCO.

    you see two nightingale on this poster, the right nightingale forgot its language and like to find and learn its language by the left nightingale.

  • International Mother Language Day

    Peace, Audio/Visual Design


    International Mother Language Day

  • languages connect

    Arts & Culture, Communication Design


    this is my submission for the languages matter contest. enjoy!

  • C'est Vrai!

    Environment, Environmental Design


    The Wheel and the Moments - A Social Agenda

  • Design for a Cause

    Arts & Culture, Communication Design


    Before finding this competition I did most of my design work for fun, as a gig or just volunteering. I am really excited to participate in a competition that is working to protect the wealth of languages in the world and preserve diversity.

    some of my work is online at missmiah

    I speak fluent English, Arabic and broken Urdu and Somali. This is a brilliant competition. Its an honor to participate.

  • frame tele

    Community, Industrial Design


    You cannot imagine that it is actually a telephone when it is hung on the wall as a photo frame. Beautiful pictures of your family members, friends as well as your own pictures can be shown continuously on the screen of the frame. When the telephone rings, caller’s picture will be shown on the screen (of course pictures need to be saved in FRAME TELE in advance, or some beautiful scenery pictures will be shown instead).

    more details you can see on

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