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  • FSC Contest

    Arts & Culture, Communication Design

    I just entered my first contest EVER.

    So nervous.

    So wired.

    I hope I did everything right.

    I hope it's well received.

  • I dont know what you are going through so i wont pretend i understand.what i understand is that you will need a friend to be there for you.If you need your space i will go---------- for you are not ready for a friend to lean on .But when you do i wil rush to you with my shoulders for you to cry on.I will try not to say things will be okay but take your hands and pray.Dear jesus help my friend you alone can we depend.

  • Tribes_177_

    I have just discovered, thanks to Nicolas Gros, a very powerful document available for free on the Internet. It is a collective ebook inspired by Seth Godin's book Tribes: We Need You to Lead Us.

    You can download it here

    In a very efficient format, the ebook answers simple but critical questions about tribes: how they start, develop, evolve, change. It's also about the leadership dimension in a tribe, and other key drivers like transparency, engagement, technology, inclusiveness, influence...

    What is a tribe? In TheValueWeb, we usually tend to use the word Community, but it doesn't work so well when you're talking about a group of people with "sustained interactivity" and a “larger purpose” that allows members to transcend their own personal interests and issues."

    It reminds me the 2 sessions about Tribes we organized in Davos and Egypt with Dan Shapiro (Harvard International Negotiation Initiative), for the World Economic Forum meetings. They showed how leadership and emotions are connected in a deep, intimate, constructive but sometimes dangerous way.

    Here, the list of questions first seem more about operational and rational aspects, but when you read answers, it raises so many emotional issues. Just by reading, you recall past experiences within Tribes you have belonged to, and you start feeling the emotions related to those experiences.

  • fsc question


    does anyone knows how I can upload on my homepage my competition entries?

  • Gaza_poster_132_

    Poster designed for tadamon in support of the international campaign for boycott, divestment and sanctions.

    Download a printable version here

  • Pigments and Processes: Natural Dyes, Ink and Paint

    Arts & Culture, Environmental Design

    1. Material in natural states

    2. 'Mining' and usable forms

    3. Uses and gratifications

    4. Replenishment and applications as growth

    5. Attibutable properties

    6. Innovations in materials and processes

    7. A Resource Base Perspective

  • پر است از سازه هاي استفهامي

    كانالهاي مارپيچ ذهن

    در تبي مازگونه ي ناهمگن

    در مركز ثقل يك شعر

    وچقدر زود تر است خرده خوابهاي لب تيز

    مي برد پاسخ هاي خيس خورده ي گوشتي

    پشت هندسه هاي قرمز شهر

    مستطيل هاي تو خاليست

    شهري خالي از رنگ بنفش من

    شهري پر از بنفش هاي رنگ من

    خنده هاي كج دختر روسپي

    تكرارموازي جدولهاي خيابان را گرا مي دهد

    و درجه هاي نازك خط كش

    چراغهاي قرمز را رد مييكند

    شعر ثقيل مي شود

    ونور مجذور مي آيد

    آبان 1387

  • An Existential Experience

    Communication, Environmental Design


    'Waiting for the Sun'

  • GUN CUP 007 preferred choice when having tea

    Arts & Culture, Industrial Design


    Gun is a weapon which can kill person. However, GUN CUP is used to serve the drink. Do not pull a gun easily, sit down, relax yourself and have a cup of tea. Everything can be solved! Love peace, love yourself and others! GUN CUP ¨C 007, preferred choice when having tea! more details please see

  • A Project with Artists

    Arts & Culture, Communication Design


    This time i work with 2 artists and students to do a project from Swatch. We combined our illustration and got a Exhibition in Festival Walk (A shopping mall in HK).

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