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  • An Existential Experience

    Communication, Environmental Design


    'Waiting for the Sun'

  • GUN CUP 007 preferred choice when having tea

    Arts & Culture, Industrial Design


    Gun is a weapon which can kill person. However, GUN CUP is used to serve the drink. Do not pull a gun easily, sit down, relax yourself and have a cup of tea. Everything can be solved! Love peace, love yourself and others! GUN CUP ¨C 007, preferred choice when having tea! more details please see

  • A Project with Artists

    Arts & Culture, Communication Design


    This time i work with 2 artists and students to do a project from Swatch. We combined our illustration and got a Exhibition in Festival Walk (A shopping mall in HK).

  • Sashimi Design

    Communication, Communication Design

    Sashimi is an italian graphic designer focused on all new comunication way by his creativity.

  • An Existential Struggle

    Arts & Culture, Environmental Design


    'All the world's a stage'

  • conceptual design

    Arts & Culture, Fashion Design


    Facilities in areas with colors and sensations, designing elements that interact in space to adapt to the impact and ensuring the minimum while transforming it to improve it, elements of beauty and awareness in a sensitive and beautiful environment that gives the natural elements that touch try to represent,

  • An Existential Matter

    Environment, Communication Design


    A filament in repose

  • An Esoteric Existentialist

    Well-being, Environmental Design


    Rediscovery as a broken path

  • Obama - Proof!



    [Shirts and Posters!] (

  • 7 Ways to Green the Printing in Your Office

    Environment, Communication Design

    Many businesses have to print things like memos, emails and other important company docs. It’s inevitable. But, all that printing is costing us a lot of trees and a huge carbon footprint. The ink and toner, the parts of the printer/copier – everything takes energy to make. And then energy to ship. Although many businesses can’t go totally without printing, anything companies can do to scale back the amount of printing is commendable. Read More

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