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  • Wood Paper Checkmark Competition

    Environment, Communication Design


    Concisely communicating the purpose of the mark, indicating responsible forestry procedures and giving the consumer a way to impact and imprint by consuming only products with the mark.

  • Wood Paper Checkmark Competition

    Environment, Communication Design


    similar concept to the one used in the banner, visually communicating the various impacts of the forestry industry.

  • Wood Paper Checkmark Competition

    Environment, Communication Design


    The idea of the expansive impact that our forestry industry have on the environment, food, transportation, housing, climate, economy, visually communicated through images housing and utensils growing out of the ground and all interconnected.

  • Wood Paper Checkmark Competition

    Environment, Communication Design


    I thought about communicating the impact we have and the imprint we leave on the environment and used fingerprints to visually communicate the point. The tree is reflected to represent both the roots as well as the cyclic and continuous nature of our ecosystem and global environment.

  • be ++

    Arts & Culture

    change your eyes filter. . . fly to higher camp into the sky. . . find your wings,... your golden wings. . . fly high.

  • Languages Matter! Entry No. 1

    Arts & Culture, Communication Design


    First Entry upon joining this Network :)

    Made a poster for UNESCO's International Mother Language Day

    With "language" up in my mind I decided to draw up a pair of lips. Yeah, that literal. Nevertheless, I do believe it fairly brings up the message.

    The actual entry is just the pair of lips and a few languages written in the background. But as the competition brief requests, I made this A3-dimensioned-poster size to replicate how I would use it in poster mode.


    "Speak It".

    No better way to promote one's language by speaking it. Live out loud and be proud of your native tongue.

    Languages Matter!

  • A water table

    Environment, Communication Design


    Set against the sky

  • A river bank

    Environment, Industrial Design


    Awash with earth

  • FSC Contest

    Arts & Culture, Communication Design

    I just entered my first contest EVER.

    So nervous.

    So wired.

    I hope I did everything right.

    I hope it's well received.

  • I dont know what you are going through so i wont pretend i understand.what i understand is that you will need a friend to be there for you.If you need your space i will go---------- for you are not ready for a friend to lean on .But when you do i wil rush to you with my shoulders for you to cry on.I will try not to say things will be okay but take your hands and pray.Dear jesus help my friend you alone can we depend.

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