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  • mother language

    Arts & Culture



  • mother language

    Arts & Culture



  • languages matter



    "Each mother language teaches its users a way of seeing and feeling the world,and of acting in the world, that is quite unique."

    Marshall McLuhan

    Now that we 've come closer through communication and transportation technology (moved continents at the image) it's a great chance for humanity to see and feel clearer the colors of our world.Languages has been the powerful medium that led us to progress and brought us at present.Language is color, is emotion. They are our legacy and our wealth.We cant afford destroying this colorful puzzle by letting them disappear.

  • my words my eyes

    Arts & Culture, Communication Design


    my words my eyes

  • My too late entry :)

    Environment, Communication Design


    Always triple check your deadlines...

    Trying to figure out the deadline for the FSC competition down here in NZ I managed to miscalculate the entry cutoff, missed it by 6 hours :(


    Thought I'd post it anyway as a reminder for everyone to figure out the times for where they live early on! ;)

  • persian

    Arts & Culture


  • Design against vandalism

    Community, Environmental Design

    Vandalism and graffiti are a perpetual concern for a local Council. As a designer I am interested to learn of other people's experience in designing to reduce or contain vandalism. I've also not yet found any discourse on what motivates kids to wreck public property.

    I'd be interested in comments on the effectiveness, or otherwise, of the following design strategies intended to reduce vandalism:

    a. use of landscape/planting to control access b. use of strong colour (to deter graffiti artists) c. high volumes, generous airy space, maximum natural lighting for public toilet areas d. steep pitch roofs (30 deg) to eliminate roof climbing

  • Club Med

    Arts & Culture, Fashion Design


  • Languages matter

    Arts & Culture, Industrial Design


    Don't body

  • A Crescent

    Well-being, Environmental Design


    The Starlit Heavens

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