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  • 'Shadows on the hills'

    Arts & Culture, Communication Design


    'Look out on a summer's day'

  • 'Colours changing hue'

    Arts & Culture, Communication Design


    'Paint the trees and the daffodils'

  • Masked Wrestler 01

    Arts & Culture


    I don't really know why the "Masked Wrestler" interest me. But it sure is a good motif.


  • Languages Matter! "Before the Sun Sets"

    Education, Communication Design


    Hello everyone! Although I am an architect I really enjoyed coming up with a design and a concept for this poster. This is the first poster I have ever designed. I hope you like it!

    Concept-Before the Sun Sets

    Every day the sun sets the importance of protecting Mother Languages from disappearing forever grows stronger.

    My poster entitled "Before the Sun Sets" represents the struggle to maintain diverse cultural connections in a globalized world. Two hands reach out toward one another. One emerges out of the rings of light from a setting sun, representing a Mother Language that is on the brink of being forgotten forever. The other represents the people trying to save the Mother Language from the fate of other lost languages.

    The hands connect, but not completely. Together they cradle an abstract world. A void created between the hands, shaped like the silhouette of an hour glass, represents the notion of time. The meaning behind the UNESCO slogan "Language Matters! / Les langues, ça compte !" is strengthened by being placed within this void showing how urgent the issue of saving Mother Languages really is. While it is too late for some languages, it is not too late to reconnect with other Mother Languages. Time is of the essence!




    The Ball of wool symbolises our Earth consisting of wide variety of languages that are interwoven together forming one big ball. In this ball, every wool-thread has it's important place and removing one influences a lot position of the others. It's the same with languages and related cultures, which influence each other in very different ways. Moreover, removing threads makes the ball smaller, just like disappearing languages diminish the wealth of our Earth – especially that intangible treasure that is hidden in great variety of cultures our Earth possess.

    Knitting needle is there to ilustrate the ax of rotation of Earth. And the „yes“ in different languages tries to emphasize the title of poster „languages matter“.

  • Languages_matter_king_132_

    My design shows the importance of passing languages on to future generations while observing the fact that languages are constantly evolving. This is shown through the intertwined growth of the forest in the background of the poster. The dense forest is symbolic of our world, which is every day more global, connected. It also shows the importance of living in a sustainable, connected society that can preserve language and culture. The silhouette of the parent and child is central in my design, showing that future generations are the reason that Languages matter! I chose to make the English and French translations of the message balance on the page because no language on earth is any more important than any other language. All are equally important, and none is inferior to any other. It is through languages that culture and traditions are passed, and it is language that makes us human.

  • how it works



    How do i make sure my entry was received?

  • Hooshmand

    Arts & Culture


    All languages are important

  • Languages matter! / Les langues, ça compte !

    Arts & Culture, Communication Design


    Language not only rolls off the tongue but can also involve the hand. I chose to use the sign for I love you, which truly states the love for one’s language. The color palette within the poster reflects the beauty of the vibrant colors and suggests the idea of culture. Please vote for my design! :)

  • The Altai Project

    Environment, Environmental Design

    The Altai Project and its international partners are cautiously celebrating a temporary victory in their campaign to reroute a gas pipeline, road, and railroad away from the sensitive, high-altitude Ukok Plateau. The Russian government has reportedly removed the pipeline from its near-future economic development plans. With Altai Project support, local activists have been informing and mobilizing rural residents - one third of whom are Indigenous people - about opportunities to protect their sacred landscapes, helping generate a groundswell of opposition to the pipeline. - excerpt from Earth Island Journal Winter 2009

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