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  • Languages_matter_king_132_

    My design shows the importance of passing languages on to future generations while observing the fact that languages are constantly evolving. This is shown through the intertwined growth of the forest in the background of the poster. The dense forest is symbolic of our world, which is every day more global, connected. It also shows the importance of living in a sustainable, connected society that can preserve language and culture. The silhouette of the parent and child is central in my design, showing that future generations are the reason that Languages matter! I chose to make the English and French translations of the message balance on the page because no language on earth is any more important than any other language. All are equally important, and none is inferior to any other. It is through languages that culture and traditions are passed, and it is language that makes us human.

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  • Hooshmand

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    All languages are important

  • Languages matter! / Les langues, ça compte !

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    Language not only rolls off the tongue but can also involve the hand. I chose to use the sign for I love you, which truly states the love for one’s language. The color palette within the poster reflects the beauty of the vibrant colors and suggests the idea of culture. Please vote for my design! :)

  • The Altai Project

    Environment, Environmental Design

    The Altai Project and its international partners are cautiously celebrating a temporary victory in their campaign to reroute a gas pipeline, road, and railroad away from the sensitive, high-altitude Ukok Plateau. The Russian government has reportedly removed the pipeline from its near-future economic development plans. With Altai Project support, local activists have been informing and mobilizing rural residents - one third of whom are Indigenous people - about opportunities to protect their sacred landscapes, helping generate a groundswell of opposition to the pipeline. - excerpt from Earth Island Journal Winter 2009

  • desing21



    In this design, we can see two hands holding the globe. The two hands together are synonymous with good relationships, friendship, companionship… The photographs of babies from different races and religions follow the aim of reflecting the concept of “mother”. I have put all the babies together in the same globe because, doing that, it is shown that it does not matter wherever you are from o whatever language you speak, given that we are all equal. Using photos of babies from all around the world, I also try to make people proud of their mother tongue.

  • Languages matter!

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    tongue, lips and teeth

  • Languages matter!

    Arts & Culture


    word "hello" written in many different languages

  • Languages matter!

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    lollipop made of different countries flags

  • Languages matter! (Les langues, ça compte!)

    Arts & Culture, Industrial Design


    Poster For International Mother Language Day

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