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  • Languages add color to the world

    Communication, Communication Design


    There are 7,000 spoken languages in the world. This wide variety of languages helps to create the world's rich tapestry of cultural diversity.

    In this poster, speech is shown in many colors which represent many different languages, all of which are unified into a whole. The dynamic and diverse colors create interest to the poster visually, and the many and diverse languages spoken on the planet create interest and provide a sense of identity to groups and individuals and their peaceful coexistence.

    NOTE: The color of my poster did not upload properly. Did anyone else experience this problem when uploading?


    Communication, Communication Design



  • Language Matters!

    Arts & Culture, Communication Design


    Here is my entry for language matters competition. I used a fingerprint speech bubble along with strong colourful typography to show why language matters. All votes greatly appreciated.

  • International Mother Language Day

    Education, Communication Design


    According to me, I created this poster with focus on mothers in all different language.The M letter denote the initials of international mother language day: M for mother .

  • Poster_finale_132_

    this is my final work! I've noticed that my entry had wrong colors, this must be the right poster with right colors!

  • Languages Matter!

    Community, Communication Design


    My entry for the UNESCO competition "Languages Matter!"

  • LANGUAGES MATTER! A UNESCO poster competition

    Education, Communication Design


    While researching the origins of language for inspiration to simplification, I read, “When languages fade, so does the world’s rich tapestry of cultural diversity.”

    Questions of human evolution, existence and extinction arose. What if all of this were not? Key elements of our humanity—self-consciousness, symbolic language, morality, and culture—are part of an evolutionary process. The complexity of our contemporary selves is essentially a cultural transformation through history, myth and legend. So, how about looking at the whole situation from another perspective. What if we were to take it all away? Why do languages really matter?

    Approach 2. Isn’t the purpose of mother language day to increase awareness and promote the diversity and quality of life? Extinction led me to remove it all, piece by piece. Distinct reference to peoples ages, colours, diversity and culture—gone. Imagery of human communication tools—simplified. Images of people, mothers and children, any particular classifications, or differences—removed. Don’t we end up with but a shadow of ourselves?

    What is the actual essence of human origin, without going all of the way back to the big bang? The origins and development of the qualities that distinguish us as human, lie within hope and the seeds of humanity. We stem from and are dependant on single cells, those which have enabled us to become the diverse creatures we are today.

  • LANGUAGES MATTER! A UNESCO poster competition

    Education, Communication Design


    Visual communication is my occupation, but this challenge, of literally visualizing communication, has occupied my creative nerve in more ways than I had imagined. To visualize images of all of the senses necessary to communicate the intricacies of human spoken and written languages, to appeal to a global audience and include all of the goals written in the call for action by UNESCO’s Director-General, Mr Koïchiro Matsuura is nothing less than complex.

    “Languages lie at the heart of all social, economic and cultural life” inspired the thought of morphing many portraits of actual living diverse human beings of all ages and colour, in a simple and distinct manner. Approach 1. Language is an integral part of everyday life: it brings people together, it transcends differences, and it celebrates connections. As a graphic creation, the poster itself intends to manifest this vision, bringing together same diverse human elements, to form one meaningful, manifold whole.

  • Spoken Word

    Communication, Communication Design


    Languages are cultural expressions of a community, its environs and cultural heritage. No matter what language you speak, your mouth makes an interesting shape and is often the first thing you notice when learning a new language. By observing how the mouth is formed and where the tongue is, the student learns how to make the correct intonation.The poster is composed of a chorus of multi-lingualism that would cross the physical and political boundaries of a map.

    The method of creating the photo was taking several photographs of my mouth saying the slogan "Language matters" and then cutting a map into the shapes formed by my mouth. The pieces of paper are then collaged together and scanned into the computer.

  • Psychologists tell us that after horrific events, such as the September 11 terrorist attacks in the US and the November 26 terror strikes in Mumbai, people tend to react initially with shock, fear, confusion, sadness, and anger, but then they want to take some kind of action. This urge to do something may result from a desire for revenge, but it also stems from a need people have to regain control of a situation, and to do so in the most effective way possible, using whatever special expertise they can bring to bear. This was certainly true for me. If he response about how computer graphics technologies can be used to stop terrorism—is any indication, it was also true for many others in the computer graphics community, though I’m sure pure altruism and patriotism on the part of the respondents were major factors as well.

    The response was impressive. Some 70 respondents offered innovative ideas for employing computer graphics tools and techniques in a host of applications, ranging from improving airline safety and enhancing emergency-response training to employing counter-terrorist measures and raising consciousness about the precursors and aftermath of terrorism.

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