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  • Languages Matter!

    Communication, Communication Design


    the concept

    I use the graphic icon that represents "Talk" and I think a fantastic world where we all want to live and evolve, Languages shape the world, graphic icon gives life to my design and concept.

  • Language matters

    Community, Communication Design


    Language is far away from the barriers of any physical attributes ...its just a means expression more than anything..its what you are ...feel proud to speak in your mother tongue...

  • languages matter

    Education, Industrial Design


    In order to design this poster, it was tried to imply letters' symbol, as the focus of the poster is on languages' importance particularly mother tongue the designer has tried to use her mother tongue, Farsi language. Picturing the lips with letters of the sentences "languages matter" and " the global day of the languages " was done using red colors as a base to apply symbol of love. without love no art would generate also no line would be drawn. In all languages mother is a symbol of love. The red color in the center of the poster is a sign of the life in the eyes of viewer. The way applying the letter L in the beginning of the word Language is considered as another focus on using this mentioned symbol.
    By writing the sentences in French and English the viewer focuses on both languages on the first sight.

  • LANGUAGES MATTER! A UNESCO poster competition

    Arts & Culture, Communication Design


    LANGUAGES are so many in this world but still we can understand them all . My idea was to create a face with out features to emphasize some of our senses, the speech, the hearing, and feeling... and how we can Communicate even if we do not speak the same language and even if we are different. So is not important to speak the same LANGUAGE when we have the good intention to communicate.

    *the face is oil in canvas and i have made digital process in illustrator.

  • Languages Matter!

    Education, Communication Design


    Hope you like it! ...and if you do, please vote ;) ...thanx.

  • Languages Matters!

    Arts & Culture, Communication Design


    Please vote for me! :)

    Because language is inherently abstract, it was a considerable challenge to represent the theme visually. I chose to use a predominately typographic approach because writing and reading are important aspects of language. Names of various languages are written in their native forms and strategically placed together to form a speech bubble. Additional graphic elements (writing utensils, mouths, ears, a telephone, a speaker, etc.) are also used in the puzzle to further represent other facets/applications of language. The large speech bubble originates from a character on the bottom left; she is seemingly in a conversation. The situation suggests a mother speaking – in a mother tongue – to her child about culture and languages while the child listens in awe and admiration. Both characters’ design also resembles lips/a mouth.

    Warm colours are chosen to be approachable and friendly. A bold colour is also used to highlight the theme and title within the speech bubble. The speech bubble itself is also emphasized by a subtle offset print in the background. Although contemporary and bold, the composition and style is reminiscent of old-time woodblock prints. This is suitable since like some languages, wooden typeset printing is also a dying art.

    The design of this poster is unusual because of high level of abstraction. Simple, yet engaging graphics allow viewers to focus on what is being said without the distraction of unnecessary elements. Instead of us...


    Education, Audio/Visual Design



    ... from a point an infinite set of fabric multiple ensembles that draw a single positive and progressive alternative. All "multiple" is essential for the cohesion of the whole expression.

    Endless active dynamic synergies convention usually. .a fertilized egg that grows to life

  • Language Matter

    Communication, Communication Design


    In this visual, I have tried to show people of different geographical area in the form of puppets. I wanted to show that when we are born, our parents make sure that we should speak mother tongue.

    Once we start going to school, teachers make sure that we should learn other common language for effective communication. Then once we grow up, society makes sure that we should have control in our tongue. Being living or visiting different places, we make sure that we acquire other languages.

    Somehow everyone is connected with each other whether they don't have knowledge of other languages. We try to communicate through non-verbal languages. This is a system for communication. It helps in building friendships, culture, ties and economic relationships.

    Language is vehicle for expressing thoughts, perceptions, sentiments and values of a community. People from different countries can also help in breaking all kinds of barriers across culture, religion, area, etc.

    This visual can be used as a stamp.

    On Feb 21, which is International Mother Language Day, we can promote importance of languages in school, universities and society, etc by organizing puppet show.

  • Languages add color to the world

    Communication, Communication Design


    There are 7,000 spoken languages in the world. This wide variety of languages helps to create the world's rich tapestry of cultural diversity.

    In this poster, speech is shown in many colors which represent many different languages, all of which are unified into a whole. The dynamic and diverse colors create interest to the poster visually, and the many and diverse languages spoken on the planet create interest and provide a sense of identity to groups and individuals and their peaceful coexistence.

    NOTE: The color of my poster did not upload properly. Did anyone else experience this problem when uploading?


    Communication, Communication Design



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