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  • unesco design



    unesco design

  • unesco design 21



    unesco design 21

  • unesco design 21


    unesco design 21

  • Languages Matter Poster Competition

    Education, Communication Design



    I think this is how I enter the poster competition, but I'm not sure. Well, here it goes:

    My entry includes the unspoken languages of American Sign Language and French Sign Language. Let us not forget these are languages too! I thought of Design 21 and UNESCO cyan (blue) which is very upbeat, friendly and eye-catching along side a bright pink and tangerine.

  • Languages Matter

    Communication, Communication Design


    In the poster I have made 11 faces using the word synonymous to face in those languages. Each face is unique because of the language used emphasizing on the cultural diversity. Some of the faces seem slightly disturbed because one of them is missing. The languages used are French, Spanish, Russian, Korean, Malayalam, Kannada, Hindi, Urdu, Tifinagh, English and Bengali.

  • langauge matters

    Environment, Communication Design


    this posters describes abt 'langauge matter.'

  • Hi, I've been trying to enter the poster competition, but I can't find an e-mail address to send my poster to! Please help!

  • The World in Babushka

    Communication, Communication Design


    The main focus behind the idea was to create a symbolic representation of the people who speak many of the native tongues from around the world, To help visualize this i decided to choose the ornate decorative Babushka doll. The collection helps distinguish the main difference we face through physical, cultural or beliefs, but reinforces that we are all from the same mold.

    The bold Typography sits along side with the vibrant color scheme of the Babushka dolls to give an impactful statement which i hope will increase the awareness of the significance of the day.

  • Languages Matter!

    Arts & Culture, Communication Design


    We will Make our world nicer if we give our languages az gift to each other and have comminucation more and more...

  • Languages Matter!

    Communication, Communication Design


    the concept

    I use the graphic icon that represents "Talk" and I think a fantastic world where we all want to live and evolve, Languages shape the world, graphic icon gives life to my design and concept.

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