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  • Does anyone know if when you vote on the share blog for some ones design if it counts for the votes in the main gallery? It's quite annoying for my friends to have to go through 1100 other entries. THey should have thumbnail images of the entries for easier voting. There really are a lot of entries that aren't even related to the poster contest or the intent of the competition.

  • N505272644_1189060_3537_132_

    Coming to Dallas Feb 7th....a benefit for Falling Whistles...featuring music, art, and LOVE...details coming...Veritas will be there as well as members of the Veritas Artist Collective- in the meantime check out: All Veritas fashion items are 30% off online sales with 10% of your purchase going to support Falling Whistles and their efforts to bring the child soldier tragedies of Congo.

  • Rock The Wells Jan 29th House of Blues

    Poverty, Fashion Design

    Veritas Artist Collective members SLEEPERSTAR will be headlining a benefit concert on Jan 29th at House of Blues Dallas. The event is titled “Rock the Wells” and its efforts are to raise funding to provide clean water wells to villages in SOMALILAND. These efforts are very close to the heart of Veritas. Veritas founder/designer Ty Clark aka “Samo4prez” parents have been doing humanitarian work in Uganda, Rwanda and Kenya for over 13 years and are currently active in serving and bringing hope through community in these regions. Also featured on the bill are TREY DUCK, THE WAX POETICS, AND NEEKI BEY

  • (Languages Matter)

    Arts & Culture, Environmental Design


    (((((((((((((((((((((((((((Languages Matter))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))


    Arts & Culture, Communication Design


  • Mother_language_day72_132_

    poster for international mother language day..hope you like it...

  • iconica language matter too

    Arts & Culture, Audio/Visual Design

    trough the iconiic language, we can talk to any cultures

  • poster for international mother language day...hope you like it..

  • This is my poster for the CCB contest. I won the 2º prize.

  • International Mother Language Day

    Arts & Culture, Audio/Visual Design


    UNESCO poster design competition for International Mother Language Day . Typographic concept of artwork celebrating language and cultural diversity. Main idea is to make people to be aware of fact how important mother language is and it's maintain worldwide.

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