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  • fsc contest

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    The situation has turned out so that man is the biggest danger for humanity! We think the whole planet and all it's creatures belong to us.We are killing animals for fun, polluting waters, destroying forests to built vacation houses.Deforestation is one of the biggest problems we are causing to the planet.Not only we will soon run out of oxygen resourses but also we are leaving many animal species homeless! Sustainable forestry is a solution at least to this problem.So this project is kind of an awareness to human beings.THINK what you are doing to nature! FEEL like a creature living on nature and depending on her! ACT to save everything you can! Use FSC approved products and the situation is on your hands too!!

  • Languages Matter!

    Communication, Communication Design


    I guess we all remember playing telephone with two styrofoam cups and a piece of string when we were little. What I wanted to portray in this poster is this innocent view of the importance of mother languages. Language is one of the firsts gifts of knowledge we have, it is essential to define who we are. Language gives us our identity. It helps us to communicate ideas, thoughts and feelings. Diversity plays an important role in this poster as well. The two cups attached symbolize two different people, two different worlds and two different languages. The color differentiation helps get this statement, as well as the layout of the poster's information separated by languages but at the same time working together with the same image. With this, I want to emphasize that no matter how different these identities are, they both work well together united. And that is how all languages should fit in our world: united. Because "languages matter!"

  • detail for pic

    Aid, Industrial Design


    detail for pic : ....

  • detail for pic

    Aid, Industrial Design


  • Languages Matter



    Languages Matter !!!!

  • Languages Matter



    Flag is the most simplest and tangible element is showing the different countries in the world. Which each of these countries has various Cultures along with different languages. Keeping and Protecting these native and mother tongue languages from inexistence is any nation’s duty. I hope to encourage my addressee to protect his/her mother tongue language.

  • poster

    Arts & Culture, Communication Design


    fall of islamic photos

  • A Growing Silence

    Arts & Culture, Communication Design


    I worked on this poster along with two of my friends- Urmimala Nag and Rohit Iyer.

    To communicate the idea of loss of language over generations we created this series of posters about children and their grandparents. Due to the influence of different languages being taught in schools and being seen on television, children are losing the ability to communicate with the elders of their community and vice-versa.

    Our attempt was to be straightforward in expressing this rift through the use of striking photography and minimal text. We wanted to show how even if the two generations are together physically there is a widening gulf between them due to the lack of a common language. Also, language is not just something that is only said or written but it also needs to be heard or read. It goes both ways and needs to be received as much as it needs to be expressed.

    By keeping the thoughts of both generations similar, we are trying to indicate the irony of the fact that even though they wish to talk about the same thing, it leads to a growing silence.


    Communication, Audio/Visual Design


    This poster contains only one graphic element—text. Just as is true in everyday life, so it is in this poster: language shapes the contours of the world around us. Language gives our world its shape, character, nuance and beauty. National boundaries are made apparent by language, but language also helps to unite those separate areas, at times blurring what keeps us apart.

    The image seen in the poster is a snapshot of a world in motion, constantly reconstituting itself through language. This ever-evolving, shifting and delicately balanced world is seen more clearly in the video submission where the words that make up our image of the world are free to move and realign themselves with the passing of time.

  • Gyana

    Well-being, Communication Design



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