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    This poster contains only one graphic element—text. Just as is true in everyday life, so it is in this poster: language shapes the contours of the world around us. Language gives our world its shape, character, nuance and beauty. National boundaries are made apparent by language, but language also helps to unite those separate areas, at times blurring what keeps us apart.

    The image seen in the poster is a snapshot of a world in motion, constantly reconstituting itself through language. This ever-evolving, shifting and delicately balanced world is seen more clearly in the video submission where the words that make up our image of the world are free to move and realign themselves with the passing of time.

  • Gyana

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    It’s easy to judge but it’s not easy to appreciate. The best way to learn and understand each other is to learn the cultures through language. More varieties in life mean more colours and also more fun we bring to our life. 6 colours represent UNESCO’s six EFA goals they want to achieve those are symbolized by colours only, it could be six official languages that UNESCO takes. The apples symbolize it’s very tasty to taste other languages through your mouth! i need the link to my work :(

  • Dhyana

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    Focus and form

  • Language Matters! Poster

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    A short description of my concept:

    Each flower, like a language, contains its own form, beauty, and uniqueness. In this poster, flowers themselves are made up of letter-forms that can be found on each of the major continents, further emphasizing the beauty of language and its significance to all people in all countries. Arranged together, this bouquet represents the harmonious nature and rich diversity of languages in our world. They are all live together in one place for all to experience and enjoy. This rich heritage is what gives color to our global society. Language, much like a bouquet of flowers, is a celebration of expression.


  • 50% Matters!

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    Poster detail

  • ------ LANGUAGES MATTER! poster--------

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    It is written "languages" in more than 16 languages in the crossword combination: The idea is to talk about multilingualism within the same group. Several languages written coming from a same source. After all they can life togheter despite the differences! ULIMI- zulu KALBA- Lithuanian BAHASA- indonesian "PEyb"- russian LUGHA - swahili VALODA-latvian LINGUA-latin LANGUAGES- english LANGUE- french WIKA -filipino SPRACHE- german JE3NK- serbian E3NK- bulgarian "GOnnGU~" vietnamese SPRAK- swedish TAAL- dutch
    arabian hebrew

  • Unesco Poster Contest



    Hi Guys, if somebody like this work, please give some vote at LANGUAGES MATTER! A UNESCO poster competition

    The system to rate this contest is really horrible, but take some cups of coffee and keep going with more than 1000 clicks to see all projects.

  • I Speak – Languages Matter!

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    When we start learning how to speak – as a child – we associate words with objects, persons and places. In fact, we memorize it as a parrot. As time goes by, we begin to think, and all those words, become part of something bigger, our LANGUAGE.

    In my poster, i wanted to show that thinking and speaking are always very close. When you think, is like you´re talking with yourself. And speaking is that thought going out.

    And to emphasize that our race or the colour of our skin doesn´t matter, i put there a green man with a smile on his face. It shows how happy he is speaking the importance of this Day.

    The colours in this poster, must call for everyone´s attention with happiness. And must also improve all the text, giving the right importance for each part.

  • Does anyone know if when you vote on the share blog for some ones design if it counts for the votes in the main gallery? It's quite annoying for my friends to have to go through 1100 other entries. THey should have thumbnail images of the entries for easier voting. There really are a lot of entries that aren't even related to the poster contest or the intent of the competition.

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