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  • Is Less More?


    In recent times, I have been reflecting on the extent of dominance of modernist thought and ideas in design, and its still-pervasive influence. One of the most serious flaws perpetuated by modernism was its decisive rejection of (anything from) the past. Perhaps that was justified at the time of modernism's emergence, but looking back nearly a century later, we can certainly see how dumping all forms of traditional knowledge, wisdom and practices and privileging scientific positivism and an industrial aesthetic has led to so many of the crises we face as a planet today.

    I would like to hear from you: what are your ingrained attitudes (not your informed and reflective opinion, mind you) towards: (a) tradition/ the past? (b) physical labour? (c) a basic, close-to-nature lifestyle? (d) prioritising spiritual and shared human values over material & sensory gratification and individualism?

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