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  • New approach to One Laptop Per Child: Get 1, Give 1

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    Nicholas Negroponte's $100 One Laptop Per Child Program has experienced some setbacks as of late (significantly incresed cost being one of the biggest), so the project has decided on a different approach: marketing. This articles in the New York Times outlines the new charitable strategy of One Laptop, where someone purchases two laptops for $399: one for themselves, and one that will be shipped to a child in a developing nation.

    The article points one unknown side effect of One Laptop's new approach: what will people do with thier own durable green-and-white laptop? Is it safe to say that most people paying the $399 have already bought their own kids a MacBook? What then of the "extra" laptop? Any suggestions?

  • you're right... anyone that can afford $400 for a charity donation most likely already has a laptop (or more) :-)

    why not "give one" (abroad) and actually give the "get" one to a poor kid in the US? With the opensource/developer forum OLPC hosts, the setup would even lend itself to a cultural exchange between the two children who receive the paired laptops through this initiative... and perhaps the donor can get updates on the kidos so they are still "getting" satisfaction from their donation.

  • totally agree. thats what my family did. donate one abroad and one locally once you receive it. it will not be as useful locally if they don't have friends with one (for the networking capabilities). but still a great tool for internet, reading, music making none the less.

    the laptop itself is amazing, i can atest. i work for the company that developed the operating system and we've got a couple floating around the office to play with. my roommate got a chance to see the things in action in brazil. amazing stuff really!

  • I am in total agreement, this approach seems inherently flawed. I was enthralled with this concept initiative over a year ago, especially the way they were structuring the OS based on common symbols to help make the machines usage more universally understandable. I was not aware of this new development, thank you for that. I thought that this project had already achieved their funding efforts?! And I thought that the project was going to be able to get the laptops in the Hundred dollar range which makes me questions this $399 price tag for 2? Should it not be 4? If you have more information beyond the above please post that as well.

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  • My friend (teacher) collects old computers and then repaired , then donate them to poor families.

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