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  • A virtual democracy

    Communication, Communication Design


    Digital psychogeography

    Architecture is emerging from the rubble of the pre-revolutionary internet. Days when the one way communication of static sites mirrored the reality of a faceless world dominated by corporations.

    Web 2.0 has brought democracy to the global village and created an entirely connected mental environment. One in which users are allowed to navigate, discover and interact in our virtual habitat - a vast interconnected playground charged with potential freedom and an emphasis on user power, all but lost in today's image saturated culture.

    It's now not only the rich that can create and distribute the image, but anyone with access to a computer. Politics, culture, and education no longer have a price tag, and censorship is no longer an option.

    The cultivation of the internet, our most democratic stage, is contributing to the increasing liberation of the user's mental environment.

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