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  • DESIGN YOUR LIFE is about thinking

    Arts & Culture, Communication Design


    "How do you use design to bring new order to your home or work environment (e.g. sorting socks, herding kittens, container stories)? Have you used design to enhance your economic, expressive, or social opportunities (e.g. self-branding, creative campaigning, the new corner store)?"

    I am sure most graphic designers will know of Ellen & Julia Lupton and their design writing credentials, however I want to profile their project Design Your Life, which exemplifies the power of design thinking, when applied and associated to lifestyle, social situations and everyday life. This is a great project and resource from two key design voices of today.

    "Over the past fifteen years, the word “design” has been bandied about in the popular press, as designer jeans, designer teapots, and designer drugs have captured our imagination—if not our understanding. When we hear the word design, we often think of a sleekly styled product or a great piece of fashion or an attractively decorated room. We might also think of the professional designers who have been trained to create such objects or environments.

    Design Your Life is not about shopping or decorating. Nor is it about a caste of specialists endowed with mysterious talents and impenetrable secrets." - 2005 Manifesto.

    The Principles:

    • ORDER: Use principles of design to organize and improve your environment at home, at work, and in the world.
    • OPPORTUNITY: Use design skills to enhance your expressive, economic, and social horizons.
    • GO PUBLIC: Use design to communicate with style and substance to publics large and small.
    • BE YOUR OWN BRAND: Put your own stamp on what you make and do.
    • PRODUCE MORE, CONSUME LESS: Design it yourself using digital tools and craft skills.
    • SPEND MORE, BUY LESS: Make fewer, better, and more beautiful consumer choices.
    • TIME BY DESIGN: Use design to take control of the clock.
    • LIFE STORIES: Raise creative kids and grow old in style.

    Contribute your own examples of how you Design Your Life.

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