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  • Tornado hits Brooklyn

    Environment, Industrial Design


    Treehugger had a piece about the recent flooding in NYC. Their post called for "more sustainable infrastructure." At first, I agreed with the commenter who said "Come on, a tornado hit Brooklyn, how often does that happen?" (The answer is: never - not once since we started keeping records using modern technology in 1950. Though I remember a few years back a debate about whether or not one had hit Staten Island.)

    Then I remembered the High Water Line project and thought - "oh right, isn't global warming supposed to be creating wilder weather?"

    While there is some debate in the scientific community about whether or not we will be experiencing more frequent & more severe storms, this could be just one more signpost, one more indicator of what the future holds in store.

    Maybe we should start preparing for more events like this as the climate brings more & more potential devastation.

    References: NY Times, Weather Underground, USA Today

    Photo Credit JGNY

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