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  • Furor over patio heaters


    The Independent reports a recent furor over the humble patio heater in the UK leading to a debate on the ethics of consumption and how the choices we make have long lasting consequences.

    Calling for a ban on patio heaters, stating that they emit high amounts of CO2 and that their popularity has risen after the recent ban on smoking indoors the article discusses the government's response - a request to the British public to "Wear a Jumper" instead and implies that shame might be a better approach, making it as socially unacceptable as smoking.

    Once it becomes a shame to buy something that potentially harms the environment, are we going down the slippery slope of being ashamed to design it, make it or produce it? Today as these discussions begin on the ethics of product choices we make as consumers, one can hazard a guess that the day will come when we must look at our value systems and their relationship to our choices as producers. It has made me think upon the way things could go and I shall continue this discussion further.

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