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  • what´s now?

    Environment, Industrial Design

    what is the new life of the products? 3 months later i buy an new cell phone and now im thinking in another better. im not sick, how many people buy something and just a short time later they change it? The very know proyect called one laptop per child make an low cost pc incluiding an flash memory. In fact and knowing that those memories have a certain life utility, this lapton then have an autodesruction button in certain form. Perhaps its not bad think it as a new form to see electronics indeed. I dont need an mp3 player or laptop designed for 15 years when perhaps its life average is only months because i must to pay for anothers 14 years of use. This is not synonymous of badly design.

    Rethink the form to raise an electrinic product and not pay for OVERDESIGN. Maybe it would be more Honesty .

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