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  • open source humanitarian design website

    Poverty, Environmental Design


    Hello, Chloe writing---on a Monday morning. So I would like to focus in this first post on the idea of evolving a social design network such as design21 to an open source humanitarian design website that would provide hands on exchange on construction solutions, with an emphasis on refugee camps.

    ‘A poorly planned refugee settlement is one of the most pathogenic environments possible. Overcrowding and poor hygiene are major factors in transmission of diseases with epidemic potential. The lack of adequate shelter means the population is deprived of all privacy and constantly exposed to the elements (rain, cold, wind, heat etc.)’ docteurs sans frontiers

    Pre-vent / in-vent: well, anyway, since the above is common knowledge, the thing is that the solutions provided usually for a large scale camp consist either of a container box or a plastic tent. We all agree I believe that the above do not consist of a healthy, friendly or sustainable environment for any human to live in. I would like to note at this point, that ‘camp shelters’ even though they are primarily designed as temporary housing solutions can become a family’s home for more than three years! (source dbo)

    The website proposed aims to reinforce collaborative design towards the creation of mobile shelters that will be collectively designed in a blog-formated web space to be then personalised by users on the spot.

    The website will focus on three areas:

    a) Locality

    b) Flexibility

    c) Identity

    a) Locality: collective database for materials, constructions techniques, climate, for every region.

    b) Flexibility: ALIAS library of basic architectural forms, easy to cut and built.

    c) Identity: possibility for users to personalise their shelter solution by choosing between different parts from the library, also choosing materials that can be found locally (range of 100 km.)

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