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  • architects vs anthropologists

    Environment, Environmental Design

    I am quite pained to learn that architects are becoming notorious by the day.While it is true that they are important actors the society fails to understand their roles correctly..... Most anthropologists attack architects as destroyers of the urban environment.....but I guess they miss the point. An architect is an equivalent of a film actor .He works under the person who hires him.In his or her initial years he or she does not have the standing to call the shots , the kind of position most social activists assign to this community is achieved only when the architect has lived nearly 20 or 30 years as a subordinate taking instructions from his superiors.During this period though he can voice his concern but I am sure no one is really going to take him seriously.So the mojority of this profession is quite voiceless for most part of their lives. So then before attacking one has to understand who is being attacked.Instead why not look at the entire machinery as a whole .....the building industry is a huge enterprise and it is not only unwise but unreal to blame the architect for all environment wrong that is out there.

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