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  • 'The "it's about time we did something about sustainability and the environment" Issue'

    Environment, Communication Design


    Amazing. I was wondering through Marylebone Station in April this year, on my way home from a long day. I am thinking "green" when I spot the front cover of April Edition of <a href="">Creative Review</a> (Vol.27, No.4). 'The "It's about time we did something about sustainability and the environment" Issue'. <a href="">Creative Review</a> is quoted to have a carbon footprint the 'equivalent to 1.17 tonnes per month'. Stunning concept for a design magazine I usually flick through in the newsagents, but had stopped purchasing over other leading creative publications (shame on me). The cover of the magazine, well "not the cover" is conceptually brilliant - the magazine this month comes in a polythene bag with the words 'RECYCLE ME" on them. Simple, and stunning. <br><br> "Producing a magazine doesn't seem particularly, er environmentally friendly... Fair comment - though we've made a few changes in the way we've produced this issue. There's no cover which saved 8,700 sheets of SRA1 paper, enough to cover half a football pitch. Pages 3, 4, 41-44, 83 and 84 are all printed on Cyclus, a paper made from 100% post-consumer waste, The subs cards and photographers cards are printed on remnant stock. We've been on something of a learning curve. Our text stock is PEFC certified and, our supplier assures us, comes from well-managed forests. We are investigating the provenance of our paper further and, if we are not satisfied, we will change our stock as soon as is practicable." <br><br> Featuring articles on <a href="">Thomas Matthews</a> (see earlier post on Anamorphosis) and The <a href="">World Changing</a> Project. <br><br> What a refreshing insight and dedication to the future of the design world. Thank you Creative Review for refreshing my world of the impact of designers, as much as design. <br><br> (Bow of the head)

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