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    For a future of creativity and curriculum, <a href="">IC-ED</a> is sure to become the leading educational consultancy worldwide, participating in the ever more apparant need for a creative reform of education. <br><br> Founded by <a href="">Richard Gerver</a>, <a href="">IC-ED</a> is the world's most forward thinking education organisation, committed to the development of personal solutions for education settings worldwide. <a href="">IC-ED</a> is the world's first and only educational consultancy dedicated to providing individual support, advice and design of future systems, curriculum approaches and training opportunities. <br><br> <a href="">Richard Gerver</a> is currently Headteacher of <a href="">The Grange Primary School</a> in Long Eaton. Richard has given speeches all over the world including sessions for <a href="">UNESCO</a> and the Chinese Government. His talks range from the concepts of innovation and creativity, the links between education and industry, 21st century learning and leadership and management. <br><br> Richard and <a href="">Grange Primary School</a> have appeared on numerous television programmes celebrating the school's approach and achievements. Grange has been identified as one of the most innovative and creative schools in the world. It has redefined its entire curriculum focusing on preparing children for the challenges of their future, putting their skills and competencies at the heart of its approach. The children are trained to run their own fully functioning town, complete with various enterprises and services including television facilities and a cafe - otherwise know as<a href=""> Grangeton Town</a>. <br><br> <a href="">IC-ED</a> is a thoroughly exciting initiative, that will be forever a joy to watch flourish, bridging the ever current gap between education and the working world. We need to teach all our future children, what is truly important, <b>I</b>magination, <b>C</b>reativity and <b>ED</b>ucation (life long learning).

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