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    For anyone who has not stumbled on <a href="">The Sorrell Foundation</a> project, this blog is intended to give a brief insight to a throughly innovative project. With the likes of <a href=" ">Future Lab's Blog: FLUX</a>, <a href="">School-Works</a> School Identity workshops as merely two examples of design's impact on educational reform, the 'Joined Up Design For Schools' project exemplifies this impact to the highest potential. The benefit of design and educational collaboration should be noted by all. <br><br> Truly illustrating how a designer's mindset (or one of a productive creative), can influence educational reform for the future. With an ability to see something as a blank canvas designers will listen to their clients 'wants', 'needs', 'musts', and 'if onlys' to then imagine and produce a new environment, product, system, mentality or mindset. <br><br> John and Frances Sorrell of The Sorrell Foundation set up the <i>JoinedUpDesignForSchools</i> project 'that explores how good design can improve the quality of life in schools by listening to the voices of the consumers.' By inspiring the pupils by asking what <i>they</i> really wanted from their schools, the project is a fantastic insight to what is going wrong with educational reform and development - adults take too much of the leadership. <br><br> 'Students in over 60 schools were the clients, commissioning an array of 50 international designers and architects, including <a href=",6,12,852">Richard Rogers Partnership</a>, Paul Smith, Thomas Heatherwick, Will Alsop, <a href="">Marks Barfield Architects</a>, <a href="">Graphic Thought Facility</a>, Priestman Goode, <a href="">Fletcher Priest Architects</a>, <a href="">Wolff Olins</a>, <a href="">Urban Salon</a>, <a href="">SeymourPowell</a>, Conran & Partners, Judge Gill, <a href="">Terry Farrell</a> and Kevin McCloud. The designers and architects were briefed to design inspiring learning and social spaces; more civilised dinner halls and canteens; safer, more hygienic toilets; good communications; new storage systems; better uniforms and to improve schools' reputations and identities. During the process, the students discovered a host of new skills such as problem-solving, reasoning, teamworking, communication, negotiation. The experience also helped to boost their self-belief.' <br><br> <a href="">V&A Exhibition</a><br> <a href="">Joined Up Design For Schools [Video]</a>

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