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  • Blue Brand, indeed; or should we say branded until we are all blue?


    Thanks for directing my ethnographic eye to the brand name on the girl's trousers. I didn't notice this till now as I was too much thinking of the message signed through the doll.

    There is probably a difference between the one buying and wearing such trousers in our consumption society where the name of the brand ads value to the trousers and the one buying or receiving it as second hand cloth in Morocco. The Moroccan mother as well as the girl didn't care about the brand name but only about the quality and nice look of the trousers and its possible prize.

    This is not to say that the design of the trousers and its brand name has no influence over there. Other typical symbols of Western brand names put on clothes and shoes are a real factor in buying these items. They sell very well in Morocco the more as the prizes remain affordable because they are imitations.

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