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    Environment, Communication Design

    Thanks for viewing my portfolio and reading my profile. Here I will give you a brief info about myself and how design has helped me to become a better person. When I read about what is design, how it started, how it is related with human civilization, its culture context. How integral it is in our daily lives. Some may find these questions very intriguing. Design matters profoundly to us all in innumerable ways and represents an area of huge underutilized potential in life. It sends a message to explore some reasons why this is so and to suggest some possibilities of change.

    It is therefore worth asking: if these things are a necessary part of our existence, why are they often done so badly? Answer is simple : Cost factors are sometimes advanced in justification. But the margin between doing something well and bad can be exceedingly small and cost factor can infact be reduced by appropriate design inputs.

    Design is an essence, can also be defined as the human capacity to shape and make our environment in ways without precedent in nature, to serve our needs and give meaning to our lives. Design creates subdivision of art historical narratives emphasizing a neat chronological succession of movements and styles, with new manifestations replacing what went before. Appropriately as a process in which new development are added over time to what already exists. Rapid developments in computers and IT are not only creating existing new possibilities in interactive design, but are also transforming the ways in which products and services are conceived and produced, inways that supplement rather than replace, the old.

    Therefore to understand design in more meaningful and in holistic sense. Few aspects of the material environment are incapable of improvement in some significant way by greater attention being paid to the design needs. It is important that these aspects are kept in mind to avoid confusion and tension a bad design can create.

    To create a simple Identity, objects and nature is used to construct a sense of who they are. It is a deliberate attempt of expression by designers and individuals even nations to create a particular image and shape, at times pre-empt what others perceive and understand. The influence and innovation is more over due to the growth of globalization. There are numerous examples where a logo makes a bold statement and simplicity is communicated with greater clarity.

    To sum up design is only solution to most of the problems surrounding us. So, I say DESIGNCURES. And am so glad I chose this profession to be a Graphic Designer. I hope to meet peoples demand and make their life simpler. Thanks so very much once again.

    Keep visiting

    Some thoughts are also from the book Design by John Heskett

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