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  • Thinking about the power of design


    While I type this entry, a young woman - only a few meters away from me - is just about to insert a needle into her arm, in order to inject heroine into her blood circulation.

    She is a mother of a 16-month-old boy and a guest at my house. And I know about her drug problem. Since she is just next room, I can hear her preparing the fix.

    This isn’t just a fiction or a creative briefing. It's reality. Right now. My question to you, dear community: how can design solve a problem like this one? Are we too naive? Don't we need something better than that?

  • Online_website_help_177_

    Very interesting approach! If design is communication, then Yes! There must be a way to solve the problem. There must be a way to influence.

  • Edesk_email_132_

    I am looking to find Partnership with an aid group interested in education!

    The eDesk is cheap easily produced sustainable / green and all around pretty cool. Oh it ships flat needs no fasteners, and transports easily too.

    for more info: desfurniture

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