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  • The Design is in the Details.

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    In response to A lack of design knowledge, posted by David Carlson,
    in the thread A lack of design knowledge

    I think part of the problem is the amount of people that have the programs that designers use. Unschooled people think that because they have access to the finalizing tools that they too can make a good design. However, design is not about making something "cool" or "pretty." Design is a process; delicate or de(con)structive. Good design is intention. It is not copy and paste. Aiding to the problem... Good Design is expensive. If some silly kid in their room can paste a logo on a business card in 3 seconds then Good Design loses it's appeal, and that kid is now given the title of "graphic designer". In the 21st century the majority of the world is no longer interested in the beauty of reasoning and intellect, it's about how big our pocket books can get. Our societies have run feral, the age of instant gratification is at hand. I believe that one way to reacquaint humanity with Good Design is through more interesting design. Part of what designers do is learn about the audience and then create accordingly. Well, if the people want a bigger "pay off," give it to them. But make them work for it. It is not in the end result that Good Design appears, instead it is in the details, even seemingly insignificant details.

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