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    Last night EWB's Rock Crusher team met at The Shipyard in Berkeley to run a full system test of their first rock crushing prototype. Why rock crushing? Great question. The rock crusher was initiated by "A Single Drop for Safe Water," a Filipino non-profit that implements bio-sand filtration (BSF) manufacturing facilities in communities that need clean drinking water. In a few of the regions their working there is a lack of appropriate sized sand for filter media. This requires shipping in sand in order to construct the BSFs. (expensive) However, there is gravel sized river bed sediment available in these communities. If only they had a device that could crush down these stones into a size and shape suitable for the filter meda. Enter Engineers Without Borders. EWB began working with A Single Drop earlier this year and started prototype fabrication this summer.

    There's still a lot to learn about crushing rocks, but if the team is successful, this technology is also planned for implementation in Africa. Gemma Bulos, one of the founders for A Single Drop was also present at last night's session. Exciting stuff. More to come as the Rock Crushers continue to make progress....

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