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  • Mckenzie Corp: Boiler Room Support Equipment

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    There are some basic pieces of boiler room support equipment that should be considered for a complete boiler installation. This equipment is designed to protect your boiler from harmful water conditions.

    Here are some of the basic pieces and the functions they serve:


    A chemical feed system is used to "feed" the appropriate amount of chemicals into your system to combat scaling and corrosion. A chemical feed system is comprised of a tank, stand, pump, motor and agitator. The feed system is wired so that it will operate in unison with the boiler feed water system or deaerator. This ensures that the proper amounts of chemicals are being fed on a consistent basis.


    A water softener is used to remove hardness from the boiler make-up water. They are available in a wide range of sizes and configurations. By removing hardness in the water you will protect your boiler from the formation of scale that can rob your boiler of its ability to transfer heat efficiently.


    There are two types of blow down systems. A surface blow down/heat recovery and bottom blow down system. A Bottom Blow Down System is used to forcibly remove sludge and sediment from the bottom of your boiler. This is an intermittent process and is dependent upon the boiler operator to perform. It consists of a tank, stand and aftercooler assembly that is used to temper the water before it is sent to the drain. A surface Blow Down System continually removes dissolved solids from the top level of the boiler water and recovers a great deal of the heat which is then returned used to pre-heat boiler feed water.


    Deaerators are used to remove non-condensable gases from boiler feed water. This is done by heating and aggressively agitating the incoming make-up water. This process reduces the oxygen content of the water to .005 cc/liter and protects your boiler from oxygen pitting and corrosion.


    A feedwater system is used to store and return preconditioned make-up water and hot condensate into your boiler. A feedwater system includes a tank, pumps and a stand. Some Feedwater systems include a steam sparge tube, which is used to pre-heat make-up water. This helps to eliminate some of the oxygen in the make-up water.


    A condensate return unit is used to reclaim used treated condensate to be used again in your boiler. Not only will you reclaim the water but also the chemicals that were used to treat the water. The result is a significant savings in make-up and the associated chemicals. A Condensate return unit consists of a small tank with small pumps that are used to feed into the boiler.

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