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  • Cost-effective Roll Forming Equipment

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    In general, modern roll forming equipment consists of computer controlled roller feed tables, overhead and side supports, and powered squaring devices. Sometimes several ejectors are added to the roll forming machinery to make the roll forming process more efficient. As a matter of fact, the powered squaring devices play an important role in modern roll forming equipment. Once the roll forming material is fed into the roll forming equipment, the powered squaring devices are capable of centering it on the computer controlled table and arranging it in a row for further metalworking procedures.

    To deal with thinner materials, overhead support and side supports function well in preventing the roll forming machines material from distorting the roll forming equipment because the supports will hold the material in place and help eliminate the possible abrasion. What is more, when work load is extremely high, computer controlled modern roll forming equipment not only helps to save time but also reduces the production costs as well, which is especially true when coping with small-diameter work pieces. In addition, ejectors are often set up to slide the part off the machine onto an exit table in order to ensure that the offloading process would continue smoothly without the assistance of the operators or other facilities.

    Experts estimate that without any extra facilities, computer controlled modern roof panel roll forming machine is capable of reducing the rolling time by as much as thirty percent simply because the computer controlled system can correct material variances in no time. Therefore, modern roll forming equipment has many visible benefits in comparison with the traditional roll forming equipment. For example, a set of digital calipers can be put on the roll forming material on the computer controlled table and the theoretically the c systems will correct any errors during the roll forming process.

    In general, the computer controlled roll forming process begins with the shape selection which involves the measurements of the specifications because it is rather important to carefully check the properties of the work piece. Then operators may choose the machine setting that is the most suitable for the specific roll forming conditions. To make the adjustable process easier and more effective, operators may enter the specific date of the roll forming material and the specifications required by the customers, the optimal yield point will be automatically calculated by the computer programs to ensure that quality products will be made in a cost-effective manner. However, although engineers continue to improve the automation level of the roll forming equipment, operators are still needed. Therefore, even with the newest, latest, and greatest computer controlled roll forming equipment, the difference between a great roll form machine and a mediocre roll form machine largely lies in the operator.

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