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    The Honeycomb vase

    Formal: This is 100% natural honeycomb vase made by honeybees. Functional: It meant to be beautiful and artistic creature to look at. Ethical: Irony. 40,000 honeybees have to work on each piece for a week. Cost: Price is unknown.

    Thorunn Arnadottir’s Clock

    Formal: It is a clock with metal body and plastic beads. Functional: This clock marks time by dropping a bead every five minutes that it encourages slow time movements. Ethical: I’m not sure how it can be effective to busy people in urban area, but I think it is refreshing suggestion to this busy-busy world. Cost: Unknown

    Alastair Fuad-Luke’s Basket

    Formal: This is a rattan basket that has narrower bottom than its mouth. Functional: This basket will tip over if it is filled too fast that it suggests care for a product. Ethical: I think we need to learn how to appreciate things again because now we have too much stuff that we don’t know how to thank them. Cost: Unknown.

    Slow Food Tray

    Formal: It is an ordinary looking plastic cafeteria tray with “Slow Food Tray” phrase on it. Functional: Cafeteria trays are originally designed to slide quickly along a fast food line, but this tray takes that concept and subverts it with a reminder to go slow. Ethical: I think it will have effect on overeating people. Cost: $40, I think it is a little expensive for a plastic tray that this should be used by conceptual kitchen or restaurant.

    Flocks Pouf

    Formal: This is hand-knitted pouf in circular shape. Functional: It can be functional and ornamental chair or stool. Ethical: The poufs come with a card identifying the sheep that the wool was sourced from. I thought this was very nice touch of designer. Cost: $800~1600, It is a high price artwork, but maybe its reasonable because it is all hand-knitted.

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