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  • The Pros and Cons of Roll Forming Process

    Well-being, Industrial Design

    Maybe its advantages outweigh disadvantages, and maybe others has opposite thought. And at present metal roll forming machine is widely used. And metal material of cold roll forming process also gradually appear in the market. They are mainly used in metallurgy, automobile, home appliances, building materials, metal products and other industries.

    For example, color steel tile press [purlin roll forming machine[(, this product is used in various industrial workshop, warehouse roof and so on, the advantages of the production has high peaks and strong intensity. Overlapping safe and reliable installation, water prevention and resistance to the typhoon and the equipment has characteristic strong of performance. The production of the color steel tile press roll forming machine has solved the roof leakage problem of conventional pressure plate series, and with bulging machine it can make no beam arch roof. The key of the machine components uses numerical control machining, grinding fine grinding, wire cutting and so on to machine finely. What’s more, electrical adopts PLC control, and realizes the online tracking and synchronous cutting. Design and manufacture of equipment production is so perfect that has the advantages of high yield, convenient operation, low power consumption.

    Moreover, development of a new generation of molding machine has high speed, stable, safe, low noise, stable characteristics. Molding machine possesses precision powder add filling system. Fully automatic machine, hydraulic lifting. When powder the pail is going to finish, add powder machine gets orders automatically to add powder. Equipped with two sets of cemented carbide roll can ensure the normal use of 30 years. Meeting the demand of powder which is content from 10% to 60%, adjusting casually, and it makes sense of precision control powder. Mill with the host under synchronous speed, the powder is stable and accurate.

    Molding machine commonly is known as the cold bending forming machine, is an advanced, efficient plate metal forming technology, English name is called roll forming. Now glazed tile roll forming machine is popular, and it has above virtues.

    Some people may think the price of the metal cold roll forming machine. From my perspective, the market is unfair that you must open your eyes to choose your really what you want. And do not easily believe the net online, if you really need it, as far as I am concerned, you had better meet the host of the production and review some research in case of being cheated.

    Cold bending forming technology in our country also has been widely used, highly efficient and convenient production takes many chances to the development of many industries, but not many people know the roof panel roll forming machine, its core technology is possessed only by a few people. I'm awaken people also called for colleagues more attention to the development and technology development of cold bending forming.

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