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  • Chinese Industry Are Affected Nowadays

    Communication, Industrial Design

    From January to October of 2008, the number of China imported glaze glazed wall tile, paving brick, Mosaic and similar product is 365,344.00 square meters/kg with11, 376,582.00 dollars. From January to October of 2008, the number of China's export of glazed wall tile, paving brick, Mosaic and similar product is 233,570,874.00square meters/kg, amount of foreign exchange earning $1189142715.00. As we can see cold roll forming machine has a good prospect.

    With the improvement of personal income and tastes, the demand of high-end glazed tile product is continuing to expand. And more glazed tile needs more glazed tile roll form machine. In addition, with increasing infrastructure and residential construction investment, along with the steady growth of GDP, ordinary people also have an increasing income, and begin to pay attention to the decoration housing, building materials as growing demand for goods such as glazed tile, glazed tile market prospect in the future.

    Enveloped in the global financial crisis, China's industry are commonly affected, but China's 5 trillion Yuan in infrastructure investment plan for building materials industry has play a relatively long period of time promoting role, especially for the building materials industry drive, which is very obvious, the market for the sector could not only short-term speculation. So before the emergence of a new hot spot in the market, the sector is still worthy of attention. From the industry's outlook, building materials sector has greater advantage in the financial crisis. The boom of building materials industry keeps on and industry concentration is expected to improve in the future. Because China's investment in fixed assets remains high, while the investment growth will fall faster, that may be real estate investment and industrial investment, but the construction of infrastructure investment demand for cement and other building materials is still very obvious. That’s why the roll forming machine for sale has a shining prospect. []

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