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  • Screen is an important and easy consumable part in solids control

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    Screen is an important and easy consumable part in solids control of oil drilling. This product is main part of the shale shaker, which is the first stage of solids control equipment in the oilfield drilling fluids solids control system. It is generally divided into soft sieve screen, sieve plate type screen, frame plate type screen, wave screen.If you want to get top qulity VSM shaker , what about take a look into it?

    The combination property of drilling fluids shale shaker is reflected by sieve size, service life, and the treating capacity, moreover the above-mentioned situations are bound up with the structure and performance of screen.

    NOV Brandt is a top solids control equipment manufacturer including shale shaker, mud cleaners, etc. They also make shaker screens themselves. And NOV Brandt shaker screens are very popular with most users.

    NOV Brandt Shale Shaker Screen:

    NOV Brandt produces various models of shale shakers, including the linear motion shaker and BEM Shaker. There are main series shakers including the King Cobra Series, LCM Series, VSM Series Shaker, etc.Solvedrilling can offer you best derrick screen in our store.

    Brandt King Cobra is one common shale shaker model from Brandt company.

    Furthermore, we can categorize shaker screens according to shaker models and certain specs, then there are VNM Screen, PXL, RHD, BHX Shaker Screens, etc. Different models mean different configurations are needed, such as, cutting point, API conductance of same mesh size or amount.

    Now, KOSUN can supply premium shale shaker screen to replace that of Brandt, also can manufacture many types of famous-brand screens.Know more about desilter here?

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