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  • Box Topiary

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    The more artistic gardeners, as they become more experienced in topiary designs, will be tempted to experiment with different forms. Starting simple is, though, the best option and simple topiary plants in pots are a very good place to start. When you go online to buy topiary plants, or visit a local garden centre, most will come with the plastic covered wire frame placed over the young plant. A typical box topiary in a pot would probably be sold at around 8 inches in diameter. They are fast growing so it will not be long before you need to do a little pruning to maintain that just bought shape.

    You may have made the decision to buy topiary plants and have selected, for example, a box topiary ball plant in a pot. It is essential to keep on top of the maintenance but it really is a fairly simple task. Careful trimming between June and August is necessary to maintain the round ball shape. A box topiary ball plant typically grows between five and six inches every year so there is a good chance that it will have virtually outgrown its topiary plastic and wire frame when you actually buy it. If, however, the frame is still present it will very likely be well hidden by the tight-knit foliage of the box plant.

    It really doesn't matter though if it is a grand country house or a small suburban semi. There will always be room for a clipped masterpiece either on the grand scale or perhaps something much more modest. Box topiary plants in pots are a relatively easy plant to maintain and the results can be quite impressive. However some people will have neither the time nor the confidence to create their own box topiary designs from scratch. The solution there is to look at what is available at specialist nurseries or garden centres. Even simpler will be to go online and peruse web sites like Top Topiary. It is highly probable that you will soon be inspired to buy topiary plants.

    It has to be said that successful cultivation of box topiary plants of any description is wholly dependent on the quality of plant that you buy. You can buy topiary plants in a number of garden centres but it always pays to buy the best topiary products that you can afford. Take advantage of bargains on offer by all means but you really should look closely at the quality of, in particular, topiary plants in pots. The tightly-knit nature of the plant might hide diseased growth on the inside or bug infestation. A box topiary ball, for instance, will be so tight that you just cannot spot any problems.

    For further information, please visit spiral-topiary-trees

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